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Here’s everything we know about the newest Sims competitor, Paralives

Free DLC forever? I must be dreaming

What is Paralives?

Paralives is an upcoming Sims 4 competitor where you can create your Para, design their home and control their lives! In a non-creepy way, although I know some of you will be removing the pool ladder as soon as you get the game.

Paralives offers an amazing amount of customised content allowing players the ability to put their own photos from their laptop into in-game photo frames, a complete colour wheel, ability to rename everything in the game and much much more!

Can I create my own character?

Absolutely! It wouldn’t be a Sims-like game without intricate character customisation, and in Paralives there will even be a height slider, resizable facial and body features, full-colour customization and complex personalities.

When is the release date?

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Whilst Paralives doesn’t have an official release date yet, the Sims-like game is expected to enter early access on Steam at the start of 2025 according to the gameplay overview. I’ll be counting down the days until then and for now, you can wishlist the game on Steam.

Will it have DLC?

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Yes, Paralives will have DLC and in possibly the best gaming news ever the dev team has confirmed all DLC will be free, so you won’t have to worry about going into debt like you do with Sims 4 when the release date finally rolls around.

The team explained on their Patreon: “When Paralives comes out in Early Access, we will be making frequent updates to release new features and content for free. Then, after the Early Access phase and the launch of the 1.0 version of the game, we will keep making big updates and they will always remain free.

“The reason for this decision is that, as players ourselves, we believe that purchasing a game should come with the guarantee of a fleshed out experience. We aim to make Paralives our labour of love for years to come, continuously coming up with exciting new stuff to experience in the game.

“As a small team without any shareholders to please, we believe the money we make from selling the game alone will be enough to support us and the development of free updates in the long run.”

Is it multiplayer?

release date Paralives Sims

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Paralives will not be multiplayer and is a single-player game that will not require an internet connection to play.

How do jobs and careers work in Paralives?

release date Paralives Sims

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To get a job in Paralives you will literally have to go and see if a business is hiring by checking for signs in their windows. Amazingly, most of the jobs in Paralives will be actual buildings on release date, with the rest being rabbit holes that the team will make into buildings after release, unlike The Sims…

What platforms will Paralives be available on?

release date Paralives Sims

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Paralives will be available on Mac and PC with no current plans to bring the game to consoles.

What features will the game launch with in Early Access?

release date Paralives Sims

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The game will launch with dynamic weather, cats, dogs, horses, modding capability and much more – for a full overview of when all the features will be arriving in the game check out the Paralives roadmap.

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