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Vicky McClure addresses Trigger Point plot hole which made viewers rage

People are vexed

ITV’s hit bomb disposal series Trigger Point is back for another series on Sunday nights and, although the return has been a hit with viewers, audiences have been left repeatedly incensed by one of Vicky McClure’s character’s habits:

“I’m loving series two of Trigger Point but I’ve noticed how Lana takes her helet off just as she’s about to deal with high explosives/fiddle with bombs,” wrote one person on X/Twitter. “Lana puts bomb proof helmet on. Enters room. Finds bomb. Removes helmet,” added another. “Why did she take her helmet off though, when deactivating a bomb – surely that’s a bit daft?” questioned a third.

Lana removing her protective helmet has been infuriating Trigger Point fans since the first season of the show. So, in a recent round table interview with press, McClure finally answered the internet’s questions regarding the headwear:

“The helmet thing was a big thing last time,” she acknowledged. “Everyone was screaming at the telly asking why on earth Lana was taking her helmet off in dangerous situations. I had to keep explaining that if she kept it on and the bomb went off that close it wouldn’t protect her. If she takes it off, it is less distracting and won’t knock a potential device or obscure her vision.”

McClure’s claim has also been backed up by bomb disposal experts. The British Army’s first female bomb disposal expert, Lucy Lewis, previously told the Metro: “One of the criticisms of the first season was when Lana took her helmet off to look under a car looking for a bomb and everyone said, ‘oh, how ridiculous’.

“People were saying expos would never take their helmets off, but of course they do. It’s a car bomb. It’s going to vaporise you. A helmet is not going to help you.”

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