‘I just wanted to be with her’ - Griselda Blanco’s ex found their prison romance electric

‘I just wanted to be with her’: Griselda Blanco’s ex talks about their prison romance

She paid $1500 for a conjugal visit

Griselda Blanco’s ex-boyfriend has spoken about having his his first sexual encounter with her in prison, where she was held on drug charge.

Charles Cosby got romantically involved with the infamous drug lord, who was known as the Cocaine Godmother. Her nickname came from being one of the most prolific women in the cocaine smuggling game. Recently Griselda, who was killed aged 69 in 2012, provided the inspiration for the new Netflix series Griselda, which stars Sofia Vergara in the title role.

As you can expect, dating Griselda was not a walk in the park. For example, in order to have sex for the first time, he had to visit her behind bars. The conjugal visit came after she was imprisoned in 1985 for 15 years in connection to her narcotic empire.

“She was wearing a silk print jacket, wool slacks and high heels,” he said of their time together in the 90s. “She was decked out — lipstick, blush and her favourite Paloma Picasso perfume. We talked for a while and had an amazing connection.”

“There was a collapsible bed in there, and by the time I arrived, Griselda was lying on it naked,” Charles continued to The Sun newspaper. “We had sex for around 15 or 20 minutes. It cost us $1,500, which she paid,” Charles continued. “It was far from romantic, but she was my idol, so I just wanted to be with her.”

Charles called Griselda “heartless”, but this was not a problem to him because they operated in the same circles, and she understood his “world”. He admitted that Griselda’s appeal came from her power, dubbing her “the biggest fish in the ocean.”

The 20-year age gap didn’t deter or bother Charles, who told the outlet: “We first met when I was in my early twenties, and she was in her late forties,” before reminiscing that she was “very attractive” with her “hazel eyes, a beautiful smile and deep dimples in her cheeks.”

Charles added: “When I first set eyes on her, it was surreal,” before comparing the “electricity” between them to being the crowd at “a Rolling Stones concert”.

However, they figured out their days as a couple were numbered when Charles became one of Griselda’s assassination targets, and she “tried to have” him liquidated after he was unfaithful to her while she languished in prison.

“I had been seeing this blonde lady called Amber, and when ­Griselda found out, she hired a hitman, and they almost succeeded,” Charles told the newspaper.

He continued: “Some guy pulled up next to me at a stop-light and unloaded their pistol, but I was wearing a bullet-proof vest, and it absorbed four bullets.”

How did things end with Griselda and her ex, Charles Cosby, while she was in prison?

They officially ended things in 1997. Their breakup came when Charles went to visit Griselda in jail. During their final chat, Griselda choked him. Reflecting on his ex Griselda and his time getting to know her, Charles said: “I have to say, that was one of the few times in my life when I’ve been afraid.”

Other men that Griselda is believed to have slept with include the infamous drug baron Pablo Escobar if you judge her diary to contain nothing but the truth.

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Photo credit via Griselda/Netflix and Orange County Sherrif’s Office