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Demi reveals what she really thinks about claims that Luis is a ‘toxic and absent’ father

‘I didn’t know all the ins and outs’

Demi has revealed what she really thinks of the claims that Luis from Love Island: All Stars is a ‘toxic and absent’ father. Demi and Luis were coupled up together in the Love Island: All Stars villa but were shockingly dumped in a twist.

Demi did a TikTok live with Francesca and Elma who asked her more about her thoughts on the claims brought forward by the mother of one of Luis’ children, Chloe Elizabeth.


I’m fine because atleast i’ve left with Lu 😅 All Stars you’ve been a ball! 🎉🏝️ Blessed to go on Love Island for a second time and this time as an OG 🥹 Short and sweet but what a ride! 🍬🤩 #loveisland #loveislandallstars

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Demi clarified that Luis had been honest with her about his “situation” with Cally Jane Beech and Chloe Elizabeth. Francesca and Elma questioned her further but Demi insisted Luis is “lovely” and has been completely honest with her about everything.

She said: “I’m not one to judge, he did sit down and he did tell me in the villa, his situation. It wasn’t a shock when it came out.”

Elma asked Demi if she had been “oblivious” to Luis’ situation and relationships before entering the villa, but she admitted that she had “known” about things, and had even previously met his ex Cally.

She said: “I’ve met Cally before, I sort of knew the situation but I didn’t know all the ins and outs of the other stuff and also I’m not one to pry. He’s got a lot on his plate.”

Both Cally and Chloe have accused Luis of being an absent parent, and Chloe recently shared a picture of herself and their little boy Romeo with the caption: “An actual proud parent”. She also shared a reel with the caption: “POV: you’ve been left to raise your child alone.”

Chloe Elizabeth has also said in an interview that two-year-old Romeo is more likely to see his dad on the TV than in real life, as he’s “only met him a few times”. She’s also claimed Luis hasn’t paid child support since summer last year, and branded him “toxic”.

Despite all the drama surrounding Luis, Demi has insisted that “she’s happy” after the two left Love Island: All Stars together, and “has no plans to stop the romance.”

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