Timothée Chalamet’s family apparently want him to dump Kylie Jenner

Omg, Timothée Chalamet’s family apparently want him to dump Kylie Jenner

Was it the PDA at the Golden Globes?

Kylie Jenner is apparently not the girl that Timothée Chalamet’s family want him with.

The word is that Timothée’s nearest and dearest are scared of him succumbing to the so-called Kardashian-Jenner curse. Basically, the men that Kylie and her sisters get into serious relationships with tend to fall out of public favour, such as Lamar Odom, Scott Disick, and Kanye West. Some subscribe to the view that men are cursed after dealing with any of the spawns of Kris Jenner. If I were them, I’d be less worried about their son’s potential in-laws and more about his decision to star in Wonka.

According to people orbiting in Chalamet circles, the family do not really know how to broach the subject with Timothée, not the career choices but his decision to date Kylie.

“Timothée’s family and friends are caught between a rock and a hard place,” a source close to Timothée and his family told Heat magazine.

However, the concern for this apparent hex is not their only reported reason for loathing Timothée’s choosing to date Kylie. They also don’t like how materialistic he is becoming. According to the source, Timothée has been more bothered about the bling-bling elements of life, something that Kylie, the Queen of Instagram Baddies, is known for. Her mother is Kris Jenner, the owner of one of the most impressively curated Chanel closest; she can’t help herself.

The source continued: “They don’t want to be seen to be smothering him or trying to micromanage his romantic choices as he’s almost 30, and has proven for many years now that he’s quite capable of managing his own affairs – certainly from a business point of view. But as much as they want to hold back and stay out of it, they’re finding it near impossible not to speak up. He’s suddenly consumed by things like designer labels, flashy cars, flying on private jets and having a big group of ‘yes people’ around him all the time.”

Timothée’s family are said to have found him particularly annoying over Christmas as he was “so distracted” messaging Kylie. When he did join in with family festive fun, “he only seemed interested in talking about himself” and came across as a “total stranger” to them.

Timothée’s sister Pauline, also an actress, appeared to make a dig at Kylie by resharing a viral tweet on her Instagram Story throwing shade at the uber-rich. Kylie is thought to have spent $70 million on her jet.

“If your job requires a college degree, you should be able to write off your student loan payments as a business expense the way CEOs write off their private jets and yachts for their jobs which require neither,” the tweet by Melanie D’Arrigo, a free universal healthcare campaigner, read.

Timothée and Kylie were first rumoured to be dating this summer. This speculation was seemingly confirmed when they were spotted all over each other at one of the LA stops of Beyonce’s Renaissance tour. The record-breaking and stunning concert, which seemed to have every famous person in existence in the audience, was less interesting to them than their blossoming love.

Timothée and Kylie also found themselves at the centre of every post-Golden Globe story earlier this month with that all drama. Firstly, they were spotted kissing and whispering to each other during the ad breaks, giving every single lip reader in town the chance to be the go-to source for every entertainment reporter. Secondly, they were apparently the topic of Selena Gomez’s ire when she was caught gossiping to Taylor Swift and Keleigh Teller. This moment also got the lip readers booked and busy. The consensus was that Kylie had banned Selena from taking a snap with Timothée.

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