Kaz and Tyler Love Island best moments

Sly winks and shouting matches: Kaz and Tyler’s messiest Love Island moments

Kyler is back for round two


With the brand-new series of Love Island: All Stars in full swing, we have started the New Year with a chaotic bang. The stakes and tensions are high, and it’s only gotten messier. With season seven Islanders, Kaz Kamwi and Tyler Cruickshank reunited in South Africa, you know only drama will unfold and we’re so here for it.

If you cast your minds back to summer 2021, where Love Island season seven was really popping off, you will remember the turbulent journey of Kaz and Tyler that occurred on our screens. So, in honour of them being one of the many ex Islander couples back in the villa, here are the messiest moments of Love Island’s Kyler:

Kaz and Tyler coupled up on day 25 and sparks were flying from the very start

Kaz was an OG islander on season seven and was unlucky in love as she coupled up with Toby, Aaron, Matthew and eventually Tyler during her time on the show. On day 23, Tyler entered as a hot new bombshell ad coupled up with Kaz on day 25.

Everyone was rooting for the couple and even shipped them as “Kyler” across Love Island Twitter. Especially with Kaz’s unfortunate start to Love Island, all of her fellow Islanders were excited to see her in a perfect match.

Casa Amor came and tipped the villa into absolute chaos

Then came Casa Amor. The dreaded two words that all Love Island contestants fear. With new Islanders coming in to tempt the Islanders, its a real test of loyalty for the Islander’s relationships.

With season seven giving one of the biggest Love Island plot twists of all the time. The drama only got worse. The “postcard” made all the Islanders confused, shocked and angry at the actions of their partners. And from seeing Tyler cosying up with Clarisse Juliette in bed, Kaz decided to crack on with Matthew MacNabb.

Kaz and Tyler’s relationship fell apart as a result of Casa Amor. Kaz gained interest in Matthew and Tyler decided to recouple with Clarisse, leaving Kaz and Tyler in completely new relationships (yet, viewers knew it wasn’t over as Kaz slyly winked at Tyler during the dramatic recoupling).

Kaz and Tyler recouple because their story was very far from over

On day 45, Kaz and Tyler decide to recouple. Although many believed Kaz and Tyler’s relationship was over, the two rekindled and regained mutual feelings for one another. In a shock recoupling, the two decided to reunite and managed to secure a place in the finale. The two came in fourth place as a couple after the winners Millie Court and Liam Reardon. Kaz and Tyler left the show as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Post- Love Island season seven things carried on getting messy

As the couple left Love Island in fourth place, they continued to keep the spark alive by making video calls to each other during the mandatory self-quarantine. In September 2021, the couple became official by announcing their boyfriend and girlfriend status on Love Island: The Reunion.

Yet, the relationship was short-lived as four months later, Kaz and Tyler split. In December 2021, they released a joint statement confirming their relationship has ended. And in February 2022, Kaz spilled the reasons she decided to end the relationship with Tyler. Kaz explained to her YouTube subscribers that she didn’t feel “appreciated” and implying that Tyler was faking the relationship as she “never acted up online for it”.

And now the chaos is back again for Love Island: All Stars 2024

Two years later, Kaz and Tyler have been awkwardly reunited in the Love Island: All Stars villa. Tyler entered as a shock new bombshell and instantly chose Kaz to couple up with. Kaz appeared confused and shocked by Tyler’s choice and already, some tension was building up between the exes. Leaving Luis Morrison single and dumped from the Island as a result of Tyler choosing Kaz.

The couple had the inevitable chat where Kaz confronted Tyler that he was a terrible boyfriend and that she felt extremely ‘lonely’ in the relationship. Tyler confessed that his communication skills could have been better, but Kaz appeared unbothered by his apology. Later on in the episode, the Islanders took part in a raunchy game where Tyler kissed Kaz, causing viewers to believe the two will reunite. But then Tyler snogged Hannah Elizabeth on the terrace and immediately threw Kaz off.

So, with the two in Love Island once again, will they reunite as the happy couple they once were or are things officially over for Kyler?

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