Here are all the couples that are still together from Love on the Spectrum season 2

Abbey and David are too cute

Love on the Spectrum has quickly become one of my favourite comfort shows, and I’m so invested in knowing which couples are still together. Some of them are celebrating anniversaries and romantic trips abroad, whilst other couples have decided that their relationship should stay strictly platonic.

One member of the cast has even described herself as “painfully single.” So, here are all the couples that are still together from Love on the Spectrum season 2.

Abbey and David – Still together

Since first appearing on Love on the Spectrum Abbey and David are one of the couples that are together and went on an incredible trip to Africa together. Their socials are filled with adorable pictures together and David has described Abbey as the “love of his life.”

Abbey has described her relationship with Dabid in greater detail saying: “We have so much in common. We do fun things together and go to places together like water parks and the zoo. We like to make s’mores together.

“David is so supportive of me. He helps me calm down and understands me. He gets and surprises me. He texts me every morning and that makes me so happy. We love spending time together.

“For our third anniversary, I want us to go to Atlantis Bahamas and go down a waterslide together. And, we want to go back to Africa.”

I need these two to get married.

Connor and Emily – Just friends

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Whilst the two didn’t initially hit it off at the speed date it looked like there was a definite spark between the two of them.

But Connor explained that although they do keep in contact but text and still hang out, they’ve both decided to keep the relationship platonic.

Tanner and Kate – Just friends

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Tanner and Kate are another one of the couples who are no longer together from Love on the Spectrum, deciding just to stay friends instead.

Connor has said that they text and stay in touch, and for now, he is happy being single and not looking to date anyone.

Dani and Adan – Still together

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This makes my heart so happy, Dani and Adan are still together! We knew they’d find their way back to each other. Dani has spoken about how hard it is seeing each other regularly, and the two haven’t seen each other since July.

She’s explained that he’s “juggling a busy schedule with college and a part-time job. I genuinely wish we could find more time to spend together.”

Hopefully, they can see each other more this year.

James – Still single

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James is such an icon. He hasn’t had much luck on either season of Love on the Spectrum and ​​although he was recently dating someone they have now broken up.

James explained: “I was dating a woman with two children, but she and I broke up, since I decided that I did not wish to be in a relationship with a woman who had children, so I am now single again.”

Journey – Still single

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Journey is another one of the Love on the Spectrum cast members who are no longer seeing anyone from the show.

She describes herself as “painfully single,” explaining: “I haven’t been on a single date since the show and I can’t manage to get past the talking stage even after all this time. I’m still looking for a girlfriend but it’s less important to me than it was last spring.”

Sharona and Steve – Just friends

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Steve is such a ray of sunshine and someone needs to wife this man up. He’s explained how he’s become friends with a few of the dates he met on the show, and that they are meeting “periodically for coffee and enjoying each other’s company as friends.”

As for his dating life, Steve said: “There was one particular lady who made great efforts to find me by reaching out to my life coach, Elaine. I really connected with this lady over the phone and had many wonderful conversations with her.

“However, we are taking a little bit of a break as it was moving very fast. I had an emotional experience with her over the phone which gave me real feelings that I don’t think I have ever quite experienced before.

“It was very special and unique for both of us, which is funny because we hadn’t really met in person, yet. I am still exploring these feelings within this relationship.”

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