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Kanye West slammed for ‘dehumanising’ his wife after posting explicit pictures of her online

‘It’s just sad’

It may or may not surprise you to learn, Kanye West has done another controversial thing: Posted explicit photos of his wife Bianca Censori to Instagram, much to the concern and anger of his comment section. “No pants this year,” he wrote, alongside the pictures of Bianca in fur and a black thin thong.

The backlash over the photos was twofold: Firstly because, throughout their relationship, Kanye “publicly shamed” Kim Kardashian for her more revealing outfits – specifically her wet look Met Gala outfit in 2019: “You are my wife and it affects me when pictures are too sexy,” he said, questioning her on “who” the look was for.

“This is basically pornagraphic,” replied one Instagram use to Kanye’s latest post. “You don’t mind your wife being seen like this but when Kim wore a corset you had a sit down chat with her saying as your wife you weren’t cool with it. You’re a weirdo.”

Secondly, there’s something about the photos of Bianca which just hasn’t sat quite right with Kanye’s followers. “Look I’m sure she sucks but Kanye treats her like something that’s less than human,” responded one person to the pictures on Twitter. “I don’t think we should laugh at that actually. I think that’s deeply sad,” they added to 192k likes of agreement.

“Don’t you love your wife? Why would you humiliate her this way?” questioned another account.

At the end of last year, reports claimed Bianca had “fled to family in Australia” to escape Kanye West’s “controlling ways”. Insiders were also claimed to have said Bianca had “no mind of her own” and is forced to “obey” her husband’s rules, as they have “Royal” status.

“Kanye has a set of rules for Bianca, which includes never speak and wear what he wants her to wear,” the source told the MailOnline. “She is also required to eat certain food items and to work out even though Kanye doesn’t work out. She has no mind of her own anymore and obeys him because he has convinced her that they are royal.”

Kanye West is yet to response to these claims.

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