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Um, Diane from The Traitors actually has a famous actor son who was in Game of Thrones

She didn’t tell him she was going to be in the show before it aired!

As if Diane from The Traitors wasn’t already such an icon, it appears that she didn’t actually tell her family and her son she was going to be on the show and they only found out when it aired. The long awaited and highly anticipated second season of The Traitors aired last night with the first three episodes immediately dropping on iPlayer for all your binging needs and already there is one contestant that the whole internet is absolutely obsessed with, Diane. From her first appearance on our screens Diane looked quite unassuming with her ginger bob and subtle Northern Irish accent but you’d be a fool for underestimating her as she’s already established herself as an absolute menace and the most iconic contestant this season.

In true icon behaviour, it also appears that Diane didn’t tell her family that she was going to be appearing in reality game show. A day before the second season aired, actor Kerr Logan tweeted the promo photo for the second series of The Traitors which features all the contestants, including Diane, with the caption: “I’m not joking….. a family member of mine is in this photo and I’ve only just found out.”

Then during last night’s episode he revealed his connection to the show, sharing a photo of Diane and saying: “My mother is on the traitors. My mother is on the traitors. My mother is on the traitors. She’s bonkers. I’m scared.” Where her son Kerr thought Diane was for the duration of filming for The Traitors I’ve got no idea. 

Viewers of the BBC show were quick to notice that Kerr has also been on our screens himself as he is an actor and starred in Game of Thrones for its entire run. Kerr played Matthos Seaworth in Game of Thrones from 2011 until 2019, the son of Ser Davos Seaworth who was played by Liam Cunningham.

Aside from the HBO series, Kerr is also known as playing James McDermott in Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace on Netflix, Mathew Cunliffe in JK Rowling’s series Strike on BBC, and Conor Lynch in Lisa McGee’s London Irish on Channel 4.

On why she applied for The Traitors, Diane said, “Mainly because my children said I could never do something like this!” but it seems her son massively underestimated her as she has not missed a trick yet and is quickly sussing out who the Traitors are. We’re only three episodes in and I’m already eager to see more of Diane on my screen.

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