Everything Adrienne has been up to as a fun-loving single after leaving MAFS UK 2023

She’s moved to Liverpool!

Our girl Adrienne really was the ultimate bombshell, arriving to the experiment late with her now ex-husband, Matt. And although we didn’t see much of her, she definitely made an impression on us and is definitely one of the most down to earth cast members from MAFS UK 2023. Since her split from Matt, with him having moved on with fellow cast member Shona, Adrienne has been living her ultimate hot girl life and has made being single look more fun than any relationship ever could. Here’s a look at what Adrienne from MAFS UK 2023 is doing now.

Adrienne went on a girls trip to Krakow

Adrienne recently took a trip to Poland with Erica, proving to us all that if you try hard enough, can pull off a beret anywhere. Despite the cold she looked sensational – but I really hope those are the fleece lined tights.

The duo also spent a cosy night away together at a posh little farm, where they shared fizz, snacks and just did loads of cute girly stuff. It’s super adorable to see Adrienne and Erica still so close after the experiment has ended.

She moved to Liverpool by herself

One thing perhaps most recognisable about Adrienne is her accent –  originally from Cumbria, she’s now taken the plunge and moved down to Liverpool. And now in her very own apartment, Adrienne shared her new chapter on Instagram. She even tagged Nathanial, thanking him for his help throughout the “chaotic” time in her life.

Adrienne was the maid of honour at her bestie’s wedding

Experiencing things from the other side of the alter, Adrienne was recently maid of honour at her best friend Becca’s winter wedding. Is there anything more magical than a wedding at Christmas?

Describing Becca as her “ride or die”, she was actually Adrienne’s maid of honour when she got married on the show, so they’ve both been able to share those special moments with each other twice.

She and Nathaniel chilled and recharged at a lake house

Both Adrienne and Nathanial posted at Coddington Mill Lake House, where they snapped pictures in a very boujie looking tub and perhaps fuelling rumours that the two might be in a relationship. Nathanial knows how to take a picture, that’s for sure. This girl serves. A relaxing spa weekend is exactly what this girl needs after the absolute chaos of MAFS.

Adrienne has volunteered for charity

I’m not surprised at all to see Adrienne going out of her way to volunteer this Christmas. She was one of the nicest MAFS UK girlies this year and is just wholesome vibes through and through. Sharing a post on Instagram, she explained why she decided to volunteer how donations worked – and looked gorgeous while doing so. She does it all!

She’s even partied at a 50 Cent concert

How does anyone catch a photo that good at a concert? It just doesn’t happen. Snapped grinning among the confetti, Adrienne revealed she’s a big 50 Cent fan after sharing a snippet of his concert in Manchester. It looked like pure vibes and she looks like she couldn’t be happier.

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