Arthur Poremba since MAFS UK 2023

What Arthur has been up to since leaving MAFS UK 2023 with his head held high and thriving

He’s signed to a modelling agency!

It’s now been over a month since MAFS UK 2023 was on every night, and Arthur has left the experiment behind him and is living his best life. On the show he had many ups and downs – his marriage with Laura was turbulent, and ended after she left him at the final vows.

But, it doesn’t appear there’s any bad blood there, as Arthur is back to his normal life, whilst still speaking to Laura all the time. Here’s everything he’s been getting up to.

Arthur didn’t go to the final MAFS UK 2023 reunion because he was hungover

After turning up to the final dinner party in a vest, Arthur then didn’t show up for the final reunion episode at all. People were confused why he wasn’t there, and Laura was speaking about their journey on behalf of them both.

Speaking on an Instagram live about why Arthur wasn’t there, JJ joked: “He was very, very ill.” Tasha and Ella, who were also on the live, then visibly rolled their eyes jokingly and said: “He was hungover, it was a hangover.”

When asked if he was “too hungover” to attend the final reunion with the rest of the cast and the experts, Arthur told The Tab: “Something like that yeah.” Love it from him.

Since MAFS, Arthur has gone back to work at his wholesome day job

Just two days after MAFS ended, Arthur said he was back at his day job. He is back working as a tennis coach, teaching children with autism.

In a post on Instagram, one of his clients said: “Marley playing tennis with Arthur from MAFS he is the most amazing person! Teaching children with autism is a gift. You have to be patient, kind, encouraging and caring and have a big heart … keep being you.”

And he’s signed to a modelling agency!

As well as having his day job back in check, Arthur has now signed to a modelling agency. He’s represented by Oxygen Models, an agency in London. The agency has just signed Georges, too!

He still speaks to his MAFS ex Laura every day

Arthur since MAFS UK 2023, Married at First Sight

via E4

Laura told The Tab she and Arthur have a much healthier relationship now, and they still talk daily. When asked what their relationship is like now, Laura said: “We are great. We talk daily. Whether it’s voice notes, phone calls, texts. Now that we’re in a friendship, we support each other and it’s not a struggle.

“Now, it’s a genuine level playing field friendship. For me, we’re at our best selves when we’re friends.” She added: “He will always be special to me, he has taught me a lot, but for now we are where we are and the reasons for us parting ways are still there.”

And is besties with Georges

Since meeting on MAFS UK 2023, Arthur and Georges have struck up a bit of a cute friendship. They’ve been posting about spending time together after the show, and in one Georges said: “When two strangers meet and vibe you know it’s a match made in heaven!” He added the French and Polish flag, and a gaming and tennis ball emoji to reflect them.

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