MAFS UK cast friendships

From holidays to music gigs: Inside the vibey post-MAFS UK cute cast friendships

I love that Rozz and Thomas are still besties

Whilst MAFS UK is a romance show, there are definitely more cast friendships that come out of it successfully than actual relationships. And even though the show has finished now, loads of them are still besties and hang out together all the time.

So, from going on cute weekend holidays together to music gigs, let’s see who from the MAFS UK cast are still friends.

JJ and Luke

JJ and Luke have been hanging out a lot since the show ended, and most recently went to a music concert at the 02 Arena in London together. The pics are very wholesome!

Adrienne and Erica


Finally being able to post about our friendship 🥹 Thank you @E4 @MAFS UK for bringing this beautiful soul into my life🫶🏻❤️@Erica Roberts #fy #foryou #best #bestfriend #mafs #mafsuk #scotland

♬ adore u – Fred again.. & Obongjayar

Adrienne and Erica have one of the most wholesome cast friendships to come out of MAFS UK. The two of them are always hanging out together, and most recently went on a very cute trip to the Lake District together.

Adrienne has called Erica her “soul sister” in an adorable Instagram post when MAFS UK first aired. She wrote: “I feel so lucky to have gained a best friend through this crazy ride, I couldn’t have done it without you. My Scottish soul sister, I’m proud of you and can’t wait for you to have the nation in stitches .”

Such a cute friendship.

Rozz and Thomas

Even though they decided not to continue a romantic relationship together on MAFS UK, these two cast members decided to continue their strong friendship.

They’re genuinely so adorable as friends and are constantly supporting each other on their socials. Rozz just sent Thomas his very own DIY wreath kit for Christmas and the vibes are immaculate.

Laura, Ella, Rozz, Jay and Tasha aka ‘The Spice Girls’

The MAFS UK female cast hangs out in a big friendship group all the time, and have started calling themselves “The Spice Girls.”

Laura is Posh Spice, Ella is Sporty Spice, Jay is Ginger Spice, Tasha is Scary Spice and Rozz is Baby Spice. Ella described the group as “true besties” and that “fate brought us together.”

Thomas and Georges

Now that MAFS UK has ended, Thomas and Georges are able to spend a lot more time together as friends.

Whilst they’re not able to physically see each other as much because of distance, the two have been playing a lot of games together on Twitch. If you’re a fan of Baldur’s Gate 3 you should definitely tune in because so far it’s been a very entertaining watch!

Adrienne and Nathanial

Adrienne and Nathanial have become really close after MAFS UK, and Nathanial dedicated an Instagram reel to their friendship, and how “special” Adrienne is to him. In fact, he was so complimentary that some fans think they might even be in a relationship now.

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