Bibs, bras and better veneers: This is what the MAFS UK 2023 cast should get for Christmas

Arthur should definitely get a shirt that’s suitable for dinner

Despite Married at First Sight finishing last month, some of us just aren’t ready to let it go yet. And from boxing matches to secret romances shared between cast members, it seems like the brides and grooms aren’t quite ready either. Since MAFS UK ended on November 16th, the cast members have been up to all sorts, and judging from the amount of notifications I’m getting about their Instagram Lives, there’s no chance of us forgetting them yet either. So in true festive spirit, why shouldn’t they get some goodies from Santa too?

Here’s what Christmas gift each of the the MAFS UK 2023 cast should recieve

Shona – A ring

Shona’s hurricane romance with Matt is so full on that they must be considering tying the knot again soon. They even posed for a wedding themed shoot together.

Brad – Therapy

In all seriousness, Brad seems to have done a lot of self growth since leaving the show and he and Shona ended up finding their happy ever afters after all. But a little therapy never heard anyone, right?

Luke – Some new veneers

mafs 2023 cast christmas gift

via TikTok @1lukeworley

MAFS fans who follow Luke on TikTok may have noticed his new pearly whites, which look like they could be veneers. I’m surprised he went for it because he had a decent set of gnashers.

Matt – Straight leg jeans

This is pretty Gen Z of me to suggest, but I reckon Matt would be even fitter in straight leg jeans. Or anything with a bit of give.

Adrienne – A YouTube channel

Adrienne is GORGEOUS. She literally is an “it” girl, so what do you get a girl who has it all? A YouTube channel please. I want her serving the tea and I want it now.

Erica – A ring light and tripod

I’m not going to lie, Erica had some of the best outfits on MAFS 2023, along with Adrienne. Now that the show’s over, I’m missing the inspo! Maybe gifting her a ring light and tripod would bring out her inner influencer and we’d get some OOTD videos. Please, Erica.

Jordan – A gift card for the barbers

I don’t know about you, but I think Jordan looks completely different since letting Erica cut his hair. And I’m not hating it either, so a gift card for a barber shop to keep up his haircut habit might be a shout for our Jordan this Christmas.

Jay – A trip to Ibiza

This girl needs it. She’s so pure and wholesome and really deserves someone who gives as much as she does. And maybe she’ll find that in Ibiza but if not, at least she’ll have a break from men and have a bloody good time.

Rozz – Something from Ann Summers

We know she’s a dark horse, so it would only be right to pick something out for Rozz from Ann Summers. Is that a bit weird? Probably, but she’s so nice that I don’t think she’d mind.

Thomas – A social media manager


My mum loves me … I think? 🥴😂 who else loves annoying their parents? 😂 #thomas #mafsuk #annoying

♬ original sound – Thomas Kriaras

Look Thomas, we all love you. You stole everyone’s hearts on MAFS and you’re without a doubt a fan favourite. But I just don’t think I can get behind his cringy TikToks – they’re 2012 coded and we all know it. That’s why for Christmas, Thomas could do with being gifted a social media manager, or at least some parental management of his social media accounts. Come on Morag, step in for the love of God.

Georges – Grand Theft Auto VI

He’ll be waiting a year or so, but what else would be suitable for the king of MAFS and gaming?

Arthur – Some rizz

Arthur is so sweet. I miss him and his blundering slip ups and I don’t think the image of him arriving to the reunion dinner party in a vest will ever leave me. But one thing he’s lacking is some serious rizz. Maybe if he had more, he could have given Laura the edge that she needed.

JJ – A stylist

I’m SORRY. I’m not about tearing people down but are we sure JJ has his own fashion brand? I don’t brand myself as stylish by any means but somehow this doesn’t add up.

Peggy – An Xbox Series X

At least this way she’d be able to get in on the hype and cover Georges when he’s under fire. I reckon she’d like a bit of Warzone.

Ella – A journal

Call me old fashioned, but Ella lives a wild life and she always seems to be doing something fun. Not only that, but she’s also one of the cast members who’s done some real personal growth over the course of the show so I think she’d have a lot to journal about. And if she doesn’t want that, get her a litre of Ciroc, Black Raspberry flavoured.

Bianca – The world

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she’s the people’s princess and she deserves everything. I really hope we see more of Bianca after her short stint on the show. A real life angel.

Laura – A one woman show

Why isn’t this woman on the panel of Loose Women yet? Or better yet, starring in her own TV series. Imagine having all that wisdom and charisma at just 34-years-old.

Porscha – A spoon

At least this way we’d know the argument will well and truly be put to bed.

Terence – Another shot on MAFS

Terence is PURE. He’s just a decent guy and needs protecting at all costs. I’m so sad we only got to see him for a short while on the show, so for Christmas he should get another shot on MAFS, or any show. Get that man in the Big Brother house.

Mark – A brand deal

I don’t care which, but Mark has sass and I’m surprised he hasn’t been snatched up by any brands already. I don’t feel like we’ve seen the last of him yet.

Tasha – A meal at The Ivy

Or any posh meal out. Tasha loves to dress up and loved a good dinner party on the MAFS UK. Point proven when she invited Paul in for a meaty kiss.

Paul – A bib

Sorry Paul, you literally gave me no choice. This is possibly the most urgent MAFS UK 2023 Christmas gift on the list.

Sean – A Uniqlo giftcard

Right, I’m not hating on New Look. But I am. I’m not sure if Sean has ever shopped at Uniqlo but I’ve a strong suspicion he’s rinsing that employee discount for all it’s worth and I’m not sure it’s doing him any favours. He does pull off a trench coat though.

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