Erica Jordan MAFS UK haircut

Praise be, Erica gave Jordan from MAFS UK a haircut and he looks so different

This is truly a day for the history books

Jordan can finally say farewell to the endless Jack Grealish comparisons because he has finally let Erica give him a post-MAFS UK haircut. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been waiting for this moment since they first teased it on their TikTok, although to be honest I didn’t actually think that it was going to happen.

Jordan and Erica had seen the hundreds of comments begging for Jordan to cut his hair and made a deal with fans, saying that if the video they made got 100k likes, they would cut Jordan’s hair. Sure enough, the nation pulled together and the sheer hatred for Jordan’s current hairstyle prevailed and 100k was hit on their Instagram reel.

Erica announced yesterday that the haircut had taken place and that they were releasing a YouTube video reveal on their new joint channel today, alongside some “very exciting announcements.”

Via YouTube

In the YouTube video, Erica makes the first cut and then gets an actual professional hairdresser to cut the rest. Jordan joked that he “thought MAFS UK and marrying a stranger was the stupidest thing” he’s ever done but that “this outdoes it.”

Jordan got a lot of his hair length chopped off and said that he’s “mourning the loss of his old hairstyle.”

Erica Jordan MAFS UK haircut

Via YouTube

It definitely looks a lot better, but it’s still fairly long on the top. Still, I think with Erica’s styling it will look great, and I’m excited to see what other YouTube videos Erica and Jordan will come out with!

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