Bryton player 432 cookie broke Squid Game: The Challenge

Um, player 432 says his cookie broke in Squid Game: The Challenge but he still got passed

‘I kind of lucked up’

Um guys, I don’t know how to feel about this but Bryton, aka player 432 from Squid Game: The Challenge, has claimed his cookie broke in the Dalgona challenge, but he was still passed.

Of course, the rules of the game are for players to cut out the shape of their cookies without the brittle biscuit snapping or breaking, and if it does, they get eliminated. Only those who can cut the shape out with no breakages get passed to the next round. During Squid Game: The Challenge, we saw player 432 cut out his shape and pass on to the next round, before he was eliminated in Battleships.

Now, in an interview, he appears to have shed light on some favouritism going on, because he’s said his cookie broke, but he was still allowed to go on to the next round.

He called all the games “challenging” but then player 432 of Squid Game: The Challenge said: “The cookie challenge. I kind of lucked up and my cookie broke and I got passed and I was really surprised.”


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Excuse me, what?! This is not fair! Player 432 was already getting the villain edit after the show, and this is just adding to it even more.

People on Twitter are obviously fuming this was allowed to happen. “You see when you’re main character and the star of the show..,” one person said. Another added: “They saw the vision so early.”

The Tab has reached out to Netflix for comment. 

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