Before and after pictures of Matt Rife show he’s had a pretty dramatic transformation

Fans are speculating whether he’s had more than just his teeth done

Matt Rife has been in hot water recently for a joke he told on the topic of domestic violence during one of his stand up shows. Fans were left horrified after the release of his Netflix special Natural Selection where he joked about women receiving black eyes from their partners for not being able to cook.

However, he’s now being scrutinised for more than just his controversial joke after a plastic surgeon made a TikTok referencing a famous client of theirs which Matt then publicly responded to.

Plastic surgeon Dr Benjamin Caughlin, who goes by @manyfacesofchicago on TikTok, shared a video alluding to having performed plastic surgery on a celebrity who has then been cancelled. In the video Dr Ben skips down a corridor of a doctor’s office, overlayed with the writing: “Me after creating the greatest jawline ever seen just for my patient to get cancelled right after.”

The video was captioned: “He shall not be named… #cancelled #jawlinecheck #comedian #standup #celeb” leading many to believe that Dr Ben was referring to Matt Rife. The video absolutely blew up and now has over 20 million views, leading Matt himself to comment: “Lying about medical history is illegal, just FYI.”

Despite Matt’s best efforts, his now deleted comment seemed to the oppsoite effect with many fans now speculating over what work the standup comedian could have done. Irregardless, what we do know is that Matt Rife has had a huge glow up as he used to look so different before.

Matt Rife looks so different in photos from before he found fame

matt rife before

via @mattrife on Instagram, MTV and YouTube

Matt obviously looks massively different from when his younger and is transparent about the fact he’s had his teeth down. Before footage of Matt Rife on stage when he was younger shows how he used to have a cute gap between his two front teeth. However, his teeth now have no gaps between them, are all the same length and are very white.

However, despite much speculation on whether he’s had any other work done, especially in regards to his jawline and cheekbones, Matt gives credit to one person only: Mother nature.

via Rommel Demano/

During one of his shows he said: “Puberty hit me so disrespectfully late. I was ugly as s*** for the first 22 years of my life.”

Puberty, if you’re listening, just a reminder I’m still waiting for my glow up x

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Featured images via YouTube, Rommel Demano/ and MTV.