Amanda Squid Game: The Challenge, player 019

Introducing Amanda, northern UK queen doing it for the girls in Squid Game: The Challenge

Outside the show, she’s as iconic as you’d imagine

The latest episodes of Squid Game: The Challenge have dropped, and a stand-out person is Amanda, a northern queen standing up for the women taking part.

As the show edges towards the end, Amanda had noticed the women players were being greatly outnumbered, so mastered a plan during an elimination task for the gals to club together and save one another. Her plan went well, and she became an instant favourite and legend.

Amanda is 35-years-old, and player 019 in Squid Game: The Challenge

Amanda Taylor is player 019 in Squid Game: The Challenge, and she’s from Liverpool in the UK. For work, 35-year-old Amanda is a HR manager. She said on the show she previously served as a weapon engineer in the Royal Navy.

Her Squid Game: The Challenge bio reads: “Amanda loves roller coasters and historic sites. She’s an international tae kwon do champion, so she thinks she’ll be able to think fast on her feet.”

She’s just as iconic outside the show, too

Picture what you think Amanda’s life might be like outside the show, and I promise you you’ve hit the nail on the head. She’s a party gal, always on a night out and having the best time with her friends.

Since the show, Amanda has kept in touch with some of her fellow players, and enjoyed nights out with them. She’s been pictured hanging out with player 039 and player 200, Mothi and Anthony.

She is also still friends with player 018, Bee. The girls have enjoyed boozy nights out in Simmons Bar, which is truly incredible and so on brand.

Can I be friends with her, too?

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