Spotify Wrapped 2023 memes

Spotify Wrapped is finally here so stick your 2023 playlist on and enjoy these 24 memes

Cannot WAIT to judge absolutely everyone’s music taste

The big day has finally arrived, it’s Spotify Wrapped day! Or, in other words, the day you find out whether literally everyone you know, including that random kid you met on holiday in 2008 and never deleted off social media, has taste or not.

There is no greater pleasure in life than every silly little Instagram story you see being people posting their Wrapped and competing with each other over who listened to the most minutes of music.

This year we’ve got the addition of the new Me in 23 and Sound Town features where Spotify gives us a city in the world that matches your listening habits and it’s safe to say we’re all off to Berkeley or Burlington!

Twitter is absolutely obsessing over this year’s Wrapped and the memes are flowing as people react to theirs. So whilst you make your way through your Wrapped playlist, acting shocked at each song even though you’ve listened to them all incessantly, here are 24 Spotify Wrapped 2023 memes to enjoy:

Ken in his rightful place

I know what I like x

As it should be!

This year you spent 17,687 minutes listening to your sad girl playlist

Stop it

I’m just so unpredictable

Is it even Wrapped season if you don’t add it to your CV?

Feeling betrayed!

I WILL be judging

Berkeley here we come!

Today is not for you

Why the reminder!

It’s true!

This is no one’s fault but your own

I will be liking every silly little Insta story of them

La la la

People with upwards of 70k minutes scare me

Bank holiday please!

Spotify knew what it was doing!

It’s literally data…

The shock!

I’m just a teenage girl

For the fourth year running

Sad songs don’t count, it’s the law

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