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Sam Thompson says he’s planning on ‘quitting television’ after I’m A Celebrity appearance

‘It would be a really nice way to go out’

Sam Thompson is absolutely iconic on I’m A Celebrity and has quickly become one of my favourites in camp, but it might be the last we see of Sam on television for a while.

The newly appointed I’m A Celebrity camp leader first became known for his lengthy stint on Made in Chelsea, and the thought of Sam Thompson quitting television and not appearing on our screens ever again actually breaks my heart.

Before Sam ventured into the jungle he appeared on The Joe Marler Show podcast and discussed his future TV plans. He said: “I think I’ve probably come to near the end of my TV stuff. I’ve done a lot, that would probably be the last one. I feel like that would be a really nice way to go out.”

He makes it sound like his reality TV appearances are going to have to have a funeral.

Since arriving in camp Sam has left some campmates feeling overwhelmed by his “bouncy personality” that Tony Bellew compared to that of his children. But Sam discussed that he isn’t afraid of how he might be shown in the edit of the show as he insists someone’s personality cannot be changed for the purposes of entertainment.

He said: “You can’t edit someone’s personality. You can’t do it. You can’t give someone a different personality. They still have the traits they have. What you can do is cut down what they’ve said, because obviously it’s got to fit into a certain amount of time.

“It’s funny when people panic and go, ‘Oh, the edit has done me dirty there.’ No, you’ve done you dirty. They can’t put a word in your mouth. You have said that. No one else has said that.

“Just because you’re bummed out that bit has got in, that’s not anyone else’s fault, that’s got to be your fault right?”

Seeing Sam Thompson on I’m A Celebrity has made me like him so much more, and with iconic shows like Celebrity Coach Trip under his belt there’s no way he can be quitting his television career now?!

At least we still have Sam’s chaotic TikTok account and podcast with Pete Wicks to keep us entertained in case he decides to forsake our screens.

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