All the contraband items players were banned from bringing into Squid Game: The Challenge

Players resorted to using condoms as makeshift lip balm

Squid Game: The Challenge doesn’t sound like it was an easy Netflix show to be a part of, with reports of “freezing cold temperatures” during filming and “awful food.”

So I bet the players wish they would have been able to bring in some items like a hot water bottle or some snacks into Squid Game: The Challenge but since they were contraband they couldn’t bring them in.

So, what exactly were all the contraband items that players were banned from bringing into Squid Game: The Challenge? Let’s find out!


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Mel aka player 326 made a TikTok talking about some of the items that players weren’t allowed to bring in. And basically, it sounds like pretty much everything. She explained that they couldn’t take in “anything except from from contacts, glasses or medication that was pre-approved by show bosses.”

They couldn’t even take in lip balm, resulting in players using the condoms in the bathroom as a makeshift lip balm. How does that even work? I guess they were trying to use the lube to moisturise their lips.

Via Netflix

Another contestant revealed that they couldn’t even bring any changes of clothes, and they had to wear the same tracksuit for the entirety of their time on the show. He said: “We weren’t allowed to bring a single personal item with us, not even lip balm or a watch. We were given a toothbrush, toothpaste, a comb, and a bum bag.

“All of the contestants were given one green tracksuit which we wore throughout the entire series. We did get fresh underwear every day and there was a deodorising spray in the shower to freshen ourselves up.”

I honestly think I would have faced the wrath of the Squid Game: The Challenge guards just to sneak myself in a little contraband sweet treat or something, I would be having major sugar withdrawals.

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