MAFS UK Series ranked

No ifs, no buts: Every season of MAFS UK ranked from worst to best

The way each season has somehow got more chaos needs to be studied

Since Married at First Sight Australia took off and became a bit of a cultural phenomenon in early 2021, the UK version of the show has been hot in its heels trying to fashion itself into the same level of carnage. Starting at the beginning of autumn 2021, MAFS rebranded with a bang and since then each season has been bigger, brasher and more controversial – sometimes to its detriment. Before this rebrand, MAFS UK was more documentary style than reality TV, and it’s hard to compare that version with the current. So, with that in mind, here are all the series of MAFS UK since the rebrand ranked from worst to best.

3. MAFS UK 2021 (series six)

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MAFS UK 2021 is a bit of a guinea pig year. It hadn’t quite realised what it wanted to be yet, and the cast had no British examples of what’s expected and what’s the right level of drama. It’s honestly all just a bit off, like no one’s got into the right rhythm of things yet. Still, there’s notable drama with Nikita who is removed for her antics early on, prompting her husband Ant to re-enter with Alexis who was dead in the water with Jordon who’d also pursued extra romance with Megan.

Strangely enough, this season produced Adam and Tay as a couple who’ve gone on to have children together and are still a couple now. Dan and Matt were the first same sex pairing on the show and had a long relationship before breaking everyone’s hearts with a split last year. A decent series showing potential, but pales in comparison to the headline-grabbing carnage of the two still to be ranked.

2. MAFS UK 2023 (series eight)

MAFS UK series ranked

Via Channel 4

Truly a MAFS UK series of pure mess and carnage, and of all the series this is the most difficult to get ranked. This series suffers a lot from the fact that the 2022 series was so good, in terms of being a big hit for Channel 4 and a big hit with viewers – where it became a respite from the mundanity of Love Island. Because of 2022 being so good, 2023 is trying its damnedest to up the ante across the board. The cast feel like they’re trying harder and production feels more savage. This is the longest season, and the one that has the most episodes that feel like they’re trying to pad the proceedings out.

MAFS UK 2023 peaked in the middle, with some thrilling dinner parties, a scrapping scandal that saw Luke removed and the big confrontation of the JJ and Bianca and Nathanial and Ella saga. Ella was a great cast member and did wonderful things for trans representation on TV, but this series was hindered by cast members going to the press and spoiling upcoming episodes and just a general bad energy circulating the whole thing.

1. MAFS UK 2022 (series seven)

MAFS UK series ranked

Via Channel 4

Out of the three series of MAFS UK ranked here since the reboot, it’s 2022 that hits the sweet spot of an explosive cast that really take the experiment in their stride. So many faces here were memorable and so many marriages were interesting to watch as they went up and down. A great mix of good villains, people you really rooted for and an unforgettable cheating scandal right in the middle made it feel naturally explosive and not overly constructed by producers. This season felt like a runaway success that nobody was fully braced for, and was clearly the benchmark for everything this year’s season was going for.

It cannot be beat, I fear. And Zoe and Jenna are still together now, which makes me extremely happy.

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