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Leaving London and living alone: Inside Issy’s new life since leaving Made in Chelsea

This is a big vibe shift

Made in Chelsea has been popping off with endless drama this season but fans are still missing cast-favourite Issy Francis-Baum, who quit the show in May. “I am just taking a break guys,” she previously explained on her Instagram. “I might be back, I might not, but for now I’m just having a well needed break mentally and to focus on other things.”

And six months on from officially announcing she’d left Made in Chelsea for the foreseeable future, Issy has started to share some glimpses of her new life away from the show on TikTok. So, in case you’re curious about what everyone’s favourite posh girlie has been up to, here are all of the big changes she’s revealed so far:

Issy has moved out of London and into a flat by herself in Manchester

It’s no secret that Issy’s family have an absolutely unreal £10million house in London, which has been decorated flawlessly by her dad. But despite the luxury home (you would have to drag me kicking and screaming out of there), Issy has moved away from London to Manchester to live in a flat by herself, with unreal views of the skyline.

“First time living alone in MY own big girl flat,” Issy wrote on TikTok, alongside photos of her moving all her stuff into a white van to drive across the country with her mum and admitting she felt a “little sad” about the big change.  Made in Manchester, anyone?

She’s always sharing motivational messages to social media

After Issy posted on TikTok revealing she’d moved alone to another city, fans were quick to check in on her, as she often posts quotes about mental health and mindfulness. “You’ve got this girl,” encouraged one person. “I pray you’re okay in both heart and mind…each step gets a little easier,” added another.

And, the morning after she’d shaved her moving pictures, Issy confirmed she was feeling okay on her Instagram story, asking for independent homeware recommendations to furnish her new place and sharing an encouraging message that said: “It always rains before a rainbow.”

Fans think Issy split up from her boyfriend Tom Dolemore recently

When Issy was last on Made in Chelsea she was dating the property developer Tom Dolemore. But, after announcing she’d made her big move alone, her followers started to question whether she’d broken up with her long-term boyfriend.

Issy is yet to confirm whether or not she’s still with Tom but neither of them follow each other on Instagram anymore and she hasn’t posted about him in her TikToks since the middle of October.

She’s been sharing super vulnerable updates about ‘crying so many times’

Following the recent “I think I like this little life” trend on TikTok, Issy updated her followers on what she’s been doing since October after going almost radio silent for November, apart from posting brand deals for work.

All of her activities (face masks with her bestie, visiting her grandma in Dorset, baking cupcakes, pottery) have been super wholesome but they did lead to fans questioning whether she was going through a break up after she also admitted she’d woken up with “crying eyes” and spent a lot of time crying to London Grammar— she’s so real for that. “Feel you feels girl,” one person praise. “Wishing for the best new beginnings.”

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