A considered ranking of Selling Sunset’s biggest ever villains

We let Maya off too lightly

From drama starters, to passive aggressive party attenders – Selling Sunset has given us a whole bunch of villains in its time. The show has slowly become only 10 per cent about the houses, and the rest fully-focused on who from The Oppenheim Group is hating on each other that season.

And to be honest with you, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Seeing the girls navigate their friendships, and foe-ships, along the way has been incredible television.

But who is ultimately the biggest villain of them all? Here is a considered ranking of the biggest, meanest villains in Selling Sunset history.

9. Justin Fartley

Justin Fartley, sorry I mean Hartley, is the ex-husband of Chrishell. He might not have been a part of the show, but I will not stand by anyone who made our girl cry on camera as much as that man did.

8. Alex Hall

Biggest villains ever on Selling Sunset on Netflix

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Stay in the OC!!!! Sunset is my safe space without Alex Hall!!!!! (I refuse to call her just Alex, she will always be Alex Hall).

7. Maya

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Throughout her entire time at The Oppenheim Group, Maya was known as the quiet, drama-free professional real estate agent who stayed away from arguments and had babies instead.

But, sorry to say it, we let her off too lightly. Maya was also there stirring the pot, making little comments to increase drama with other people – she was just never the one actually in the fights. A carnage facilitator, that’s what Maya was.

6. Nicole

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I don’t even know how to begin with Nicole, other than that ever since she joined the show, every scene with her in has me on edge. A sudden feeling of being unsafe looms when Nicole is in a group situation. You just never know what’s going to get said next, or what wild allegation could come out of her mouth!!

5. Amanza

Biggest villains ever on Selling Sunset on Netflix

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Previously, I had no qualms with Amanza. But in season seven she came here and chose violence. Everything was made into a drama for no reason, and Amanza was placing herself right in the middle of it all. Plus, I’m now convinced she wears ridiculous outfits because she knows we all spot them. We won’t make you a meme anymore, not when you want us to.

4. The $75million listing bloke

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Adnan Sen. What a guy. Most won’t know him by name, but Adnan is the guy behind the infamous $75million listing that Davina couldn’t budge for the life of her. He makes it onto the ultimate Selling Sunset villains list purely for that meeting he had with Davina, where she was desperate to get the listing price reduced, and he simply said no, rolled his eyes, and moved on. A formidable man. Nothing but ~ slightly petrified ~ respect.

3. Jason

Biggest villains ever on Selling Sunset on Netflix

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King Jason Oppenheim is actually the true villain of Selling Sunset, I fear. It was fine in the first few seasons, when he and Brett very much took back seats and the girls stole the show, but as the show goes on, he’s getting more and more involved.

He has previously said he wouldn’t have agreed to the Netflix show if he knew it was going to be all about drama, and I’m simply not buying that. He never manages the fights in the office, and instead tries to play off that they’re all a “family” and should just get on better.

Also, spending millions on a new office filled with pointless boy-toys like a ping pong table and a bar and justifying it by saying the women will work harder? Unhinged.

2. Davina

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Did anyone else get similar vibes to Nicole with Davina? Like a sudden feeling of being on edge during her scenes? Again, I think it was just because you didn’t know what you were going to get with Davina, and it all became a bit awkward. She also gets extra villain points for the $75million listing, because my toxic trait is thinking I could sell it in a day. Sorry!

1. Christine

Biggest villains ever on Selling Sunset on Netflix

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Look, I know as soon as you saw this article you knew exactly who was going to be sitting pretty at the top of the list. I love Christine, but she was a villain. To be honest, I think she enjoyed being the villain of the show and it’s a title she would happily take. The rest of the office shook in her presence, and she was an icon they can simply never replace.

Every single storyline with Christine was drama. She managed to have an argument with everyone, all whilst wearing the best clothes you’ve ever seen. We simply have to stan.

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