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From start to finish: A rundown of the Lilly Sabri drama from The Girl’s Bathroom podcast

The influencer ended her engagement after receiving messages about an anonymous affair

If you’re a certified girly, you’ll have heard and no doubt listened to The Girl’s Bathroom podcast. Now – we all know The Girl’s Bathroom covers some scandalous things, but I for one never imagined that they’d uncover a whole affair in the public eye.

Earlier this month, podcast hosts Sophia and Cinzia discussed a dilemma whereby a newly engaged man began an affair with another woman, and that his fiancé happened to have a huge following online. But what I never expected to happen was for the podcast to reveal the unfortunate couple in question.

After rumours circulated about who the couple could be, fitness influencer Lilly Sabri has issued a statement confirming that the viral story discussed by podcast hosts Sofia and Cinzia is indeed about her and ex-fiancé, Alex.

In an Instagram post she shared this week, Lilly Sabri confirmed their engagement is over just six months after the proposal and after six years spent together, although it Alex has yet to confirm or comment on the situation.

The fact that this came about through a random podcast is absolutely wild, and this whole ordeal is possibly the worst way to find out you’ve been cheating on.

From start to finish, here’s a run down of the whole Lilly Sabri engagement drama.

Sophia and Cinzia discussed an anonymous dilemma on their podcast, The Girl’s Bathroom

If somehow you managed to miss the whole thing, the background is that Sophia and Cinzia, hosts of the iconic podcast The Girl’s Bathroom, discussed a dilemma on an episode that aired on November 8th, where a girl wrote in for advice.

The girl explained how her friend (let’s call her Sarah) had recently met a guy on his stag do, while she was abroad in Europe. Aged around 21/22 years old, Sarah met the bloke who was newly engaged – of course nicknamed Brian by the podcast hosts.

Based in Dubai, the mystery man was said to not only be engaged, but the girl writing in said he shared multiple successful businesses with his fiancé, nicknamed Jenny by the podcast, as well as a dog. So, they were as fully invested as you can be in a relationship.

She then added that Sarah and Brian had grown close, sharing “deep conversations” on the trip, subsequently resulting in them meeting up in random cities all over the world, including Spain, where they “spent the whole day together in bed at Brian’s hotel room.”

Sarah of course fell in love with Brian over a period of four months, and the rest is history. Like the rest of us, Sophia and Cinzia were obviously outraged about this idea from the off, breaking down any assumptions that this could be ok, with Sophia saying “It was never platonic”. Sophia even said: “My heart is breaking for this fiancé though guys, I’m sorry.” Mine is too.

Listeners began to speculate who Jenny and Brian were, based on the details

Despite being supplied photographs of Brian and Sarah by the girl who wrote in, Sophia and Cinzia revealed no further details about their identities, although people began to make assumptions on who the couple was.

Listeners began putting the pieces together based on the few details provided, with some guessing the affair was by Lilly’s fiancé, Alex, due to their life together in Dubai and their ages, where the writer specified that Jenny was 33, while Brian was 28. Matching these facts up, a viewer guessed it was indeed Lilly and Alex on YouTube, writing: “Jenny is Lily Sabri, her fiancée is Alex. Lily is deleting comments rn and the ages are the same and the jobs are the same… poor girl”.

The girl who wrote in also mentioned the pair had their names in each other’s Instagram bios, and other vital clues pointing to them included their dog, and their shared work in Lilly’s fitness business, Lean. Alex was also reportedly in Europe over summer, lining up perfectly with the story the girl wrote in.

One commenter on TikTok wrote that they believe it was be Lilly without a doubt: “100 per cent convinced it’s Lilly Sabri” and “It’s Lily Sabri. I really hope she finds this!”.

Lilly Sabri announces her split from Alex

And what we hoped wouldn’t be true, Lilly confirmed her split from Alex in a gut wrenching statement she shared on Instagram, which explains her silence on social media recently. She credited online speculation to being “sparked” by the podcast and confirmed the details discussed on the episode to be true, although Alex is yet to confirm.

The fitness influencer said she wanted to provide “brief clarity” on the situation, but added that she won’t be addressing it further until she is “in the right headspace”.

Addressing the rumours sparked by the podcast earlier this month, she said: “There has been speculation online about my personal life and relationship, sparked by a podcast released on Wednesday 8th November. I want to provide brief clarity on the situation, but I won’t be addressing it further until I am in the right headspace. I kindly ask for privacy in the meantime.

“On Thursday 9th November, I woke up to messages about a podcast episode discussing a relationship involving a newly engaged man, meeting a woman on his stag-do, and subsequent encounters. It’s heartbreaking to confirm this is true, and discovering it in this way has been devastating.

“Alex and I have broken up, and I need time to process what feels like an absolute whirlwind and what I can only describe as my world falling apart. I’ll share more when the time is right.”

She then explained that despite their split, projects and organised events for her company of which Alex is invested in, Lean, would still be going ahead as usual.

“This is a challenging time for me, and I would like if my privacy could be respected.”

There is never an ok way to discover you’ve been cheated on but this must be the worst possible way I can imagine. I mean, Lilly Sabri confirming her engagement is over is enough to put anyone off marriage for good.

Lilly has since received a huge amount of of support in the comments of the post, with words of encouragement and love from other friends and other influencers, such as Meggan Grubb: “Sending you so much love”.

Alex is yet to confirm Lilly’s statement publicly.

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