mean girls new movie trailer release date

Sorry, you can already tell the new Mean Girls musical film is a big fat flop

Thanks, I hate it

The trailer for the new Mean Girls musical film was released yesterday and Twitter has some serious qualms about the remake. As the timeline should. Because, this trailer essentially consists of jokes we already know the punchlines to, not a sniff of the new musical soundtrack, and some seriously questionable casting, which has made one thing clear to almost everyone on the internet: This Mean Girls musical remake has flopped hard before it’s even premiered.

So, in case you’re also sat scrolling and wondering what ever happened to being truly fetch, let’s break down the intense reaction to the new Mean Girls musical film and try to figure out exactly where Tina Fey seems to have gone miraculously wrong. Because, Regina, Cady, Karen and Gretchen definitely deserve better than this:

1. Not including the music in the trailer for the Mean Girls musical

Make it make sense.

2. Making us all feel 8,000 years old whilst simultaneously childless and sad with their marketing tag line

I’ll just hop in my grave now.

3. The casting of Aaron Samuels


4. The low budget wardrobe

Is this sponsored by Shein?

5. Trying to ‘reimagine’ a classic based on a musical that’s already flopped in the first place

Nobody asked for this!

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