Academic weapon! These are the uni degrees employers want the most, based on job ads

English lit isn’t anywhere on here, soz

Leaving uni is a scary enough thought as it is, without having to go through the treacherous process of actually finding a grad job after uni. You go from having the absolute time of your life living with your mates, going out three times a week to living back at home with your parents. You end up updating your CV and doing Zoom interviews in your childhood bedroom with walls you decorated when you were 12 in the very firmly blurred background behind you.

But even sending your CV and writing a personalised cover letter to what feels like EVERY single job even remotely related to your silly little degree, you keep getting rejections. Maybe you just crumble at all the interviews or maybe it’s just that your degree isn’t actually in that much demand.

Well, consumer spending experts at analysed over a million job adverts to compile a ranking of the most in-demand degrees, based on the number of job adverts wanting graduates with them.

In pretty bad news for all you humanities lot, it’s gonna be The Hunger Games four when it comes to fighting for jobs because most of the top 18 in-demand courses are all STEM subjects.

At the top with the most job adverts is engineering of course where over 76k job ads were counted in the UK. This is followed by business which had 36,906 job ads. At the other end of the spectrum is chemistry at 18 with only 3,918 job adverts. If a STEM subject like chemistry is that low, though, god help those of us who did English.

So here are the most in-demand uni degrees in the UK, based on job adverts:

18. Chemistry 

3,918 job adverts

17. Computer Systems Engineering 

4,814 job adverts

16. Computer Information Systems 

4,870 job adverts

15. Information Systems 

5,142 job adverts

14. Computer Systems 

5,304 job adverts

13. Data Science 

5,666 job adverts

12. Systems Engineering 

6,032 job adverts

11. Law 

6,756 job adverts

10. Accounting 

In-demand uni degrees

7,282 job adverts

9. Finance 

7,638 job adverts

8. Software Engineering 

9,556 job adverts

7. Computer Engineering 

9,674 job adverts

6. Computer Science 

16,442 job adverts

5. Marketing 

16,872 job adverts

4. Design 

17,846 job adverts

3. Management 

32,546 job adverts

2. Business

36,906 job adverts

1. Engineering 

76,838 job adverts

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