MAFS UK homestay reactions

Last night’s MAFS UK homestay was pure heartbreak and chaos and these reactions prove why

I’m deeply in denial about Rozz and Thomas

Last night’s MAFS UK homestay episode was quite something, and my facial reactions went from outrage to shock to pure heartbreak. From Peggy’s parents being unbelievably rude to Georges, to Rozz deciding her relationship with Thomas was all too much, there was a lot packed into that episode. I think tonight’s episode is going to be even more wild, so before then enjoy these 17 reactions to last night’s MAFS UK episode that sum up exactly how chaotic it was.

1. Georges you’re doing amazing sweetie

2. Nobody talk to me

3. At this point the reunion is going to be a bunch of empty seats

4. Make it make sense

5. They have drained me

6. I fear I won’t make it through tonight’s episode

7. I have so many questions

8. I must be in Egypt because I’m majorly in denial

9. The crushed velvet really brings it all together

10. Not her trying to get him to feel unsure about the relationship

11. I can already tell she’s going to bring it up again at the commitment ceremony

12. Who’s going to tell her dad?

13. He 100 per cent slept on the sofa last night

14. Not a fan

15. A big yikes

16. They spoke on behalf of the nation

17. If Georges really was lazy there’s no way he would be able to squat as low as he can

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