Thomas MAFS UK 2023 audition tape

Thomas reveals his audition tape for Married at First Sight UK 2023 on TikTok

I can’t believe how different he looks!

Whilst some were scouted and others applied to MAFS UK 2023, one of the grooms, Thomas, has revealed his audition tape for the dating show in a TikTok.

During a Q&A on his Instagram account, someone asked if they could see his cast tape. Taking to his TikTok account Thomas said, “You asked, we delivered,” but warned fans that he looks “totally different, I don’t recognise myself, it’s quite depressing” in his audition tape.

The tape starts off with Thomas alone in a room asking the camera, “Why do I want to get married to a stranger and apply to the MAFS UK experience?”

He goes on to explain  that he has “been single for two years and seven months now, and during that time I’ve healed tremendously from a really emotionally abusive relationship in my past where I was told I was ‘too short, too skinny’ and even being told I need to ‘change my last name because it’s too foreign.'”


Replying to @kirby no clue why they chose me lol #mafsuk #mafs #thomas #casttape

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Thomas continues saying, “But now I’m ready for something committed and long-term, MAFS UK provides me with that experience whilst providing me with the opportunity to show that I have healed and have the propensity to commit to someone after shying away from commitment for quite a long time.

“While marrying a stranger is a daunting experience, the idea of building a foundation of a committed relationship with the MAFS UK experience is an immensely exciting one, and one I hope I get the opportunity to be a part of. Thank you.”

The audition tape was less than one minute long, so Thomas didn’t have long to make an impression on the casting team. They obviously loved his audion tape though and since appearing on MAFS UK, Thomas has become one of my favourite grooms!

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