Every hint the MAFS UK 2023 couples have dropped about if they’re still together

Naughty naughty!

The main rule given to the MAFS UK 2023 cast is to not share if they’re still together or not whilst the show is airing. It’s pretty key for the audience to be able to watch how life for the newly wedded couples plays out, without already being given the spoiler of I’ve they stuck it out or broken up.

Despite this, there have been reported break ups from the cast members, and others have dropped some pretty heavy hints about what’s happened between them since the experiment.

Laura and Arthur

MAFS UK 2023 couples who are still together or split, Married at First Sight

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People think Laura has dropped a huge hint about what happens between her and Arthur. And it’s good news guys, things are looking positive!

It looks as though they’re still going strong, as speaking to OK! magazine, Laura said: “We’ve spoken about going to Poland, and just immersing myself in the first 15-16 years of his life. I think it’d be nice and cosy and the weather would be cold and we might get some snow – I think that’d be cool.”

She added: “And then maybe coming back here and doing a traditional like Christmas market.” Cute!

Shona and Brad

MAFS UK 2023 couples who are still together or split, Married at First Sight

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Surprise! After everything, Shona and Brad are no more. Due to Brad’s controlling behaviour towards Shona, the couple were told to leave the experiment. Following this, Shona has said they did try to make things work for around six weeks after the show, but ultimately split when there was no change in Brad’s behaviour.

Brad has since gone official with someone else, and Shona posted a huge statement to Instagram in which she told him to “enjoy the fucking universe babes”. Iconic.

Adrienne and Matt

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Shona and Brad breaking up brings me nicely onto the fate of Adrienne and Matt. How you might ask? Well Shona has been spotted on a date with Matt!!! Yes, really!!

It definitely looks as though Adrienne and Matt didn’t work out, as it’s been reported Shona and her MAFS co-star Matt Pilmoor are “officially an item” and they’ve been pictured getting coffee together. What a twist!

Porscha and Terence

MAFS UK 2023 couples who are still together or split, Married at First Sight

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I don’t think we need hints here to know that Porscha and Terence are very much over. That man literally handed in his notice and walked off the experiment. A shame, but we could have seen this coming from a mile away.

Tasha and Paul

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Tasha and Paul have dropped a couple of hints they’re still together following their MAFS UK 2023 wedding. Firstly, Paul has been posted loads about the show on Instagram, and in all of his captions and comments he still refers to Tasha as his “wife”.

But the biggest hint came when fellow groom Brad posted a photo of him hanging out with Tasha, Paul and Nathanial since the show. So, obviously they’re still hanging out since the show, but it looks romantic because Tasha and Paul are holding hands!

Rozz and Thomas

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Ok this is a very tiny, tiny hint and probably means nothing but people on Instagram have noticed Thomas has a highlight dedicated to Rozz, which contains loads of cute pictures of them together as well as reflecting on some of their best moments from the show. I’ll admit it’s very soppy, so you can see why people are assuming this means they’re still together.

Ella and Nathanial and JJ and Bianca

MAFS UK 2023 couples who are still together or split, Married at First Sight

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No spoilers here, Ella and Nathanial and JJ and Bianca are obviously both over. We’ve seen Ella and Nathanial split during the show, after it was revealed she had a connection with JJ, and Nathanial then decided to leave the experiment. Bianca then dropped the best speech in MAFS history, and spat JJ out like a true queen. The big question here is: Are Ella and JJ still an item?

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