It’s a universal truth that Otis from Sex Education is the absolute worst, here’s the proof

He needs some lessons in basic human decency

Sex Education’s fourth and final season has dropped on Netflix and brought with an odd mix of emotions. Whilst we’re all sad about bidding adieu to Cavendish High and its quirky inhabitants, there’s also an unmistakable sense of relief. Why, you ask? Well, because we can finally shout it from the rooftops: Otis Milburn, our so-called “sex guru” desperately needs a crash course in basic human decency.

As we hugged our favourite characters goodbye, the lingering frustration with Otis bubbled to the surface. I hoped he’d transform into a character we could root for, but alas, his journey was more like a never-ending maze of romantic blunders. The dude was practically a tornado of chaos, leaving broken hearts and ruined friendships in his wake. Whether it was Ruby, Maeve, or Eric, everyone seemed to get caught in his emotional whirlwind. It’s like he missed the memo on how to treat people with kindness and respect.

So, here’s to the end of Sex Education, where we bid farewell not just to a show but to the infuriating escapades of its worst character Otis Milburn. We may miss the drama, but we certainly won’t miss the exasperating love misadventures that defined his character. Good riddance, Otis!

Here are just some brief reasons why Otis is undeniably the worst character in Sex Education:

1. He treated Ruby like a doormat

sex education otis worst character

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Otis Milburn’s love life resembles a hurricane. He switches from Ruby to Maeve quicker than you can say “cuppa tea”. Poor Ruby must have felt like she’d been run over by a double-decker bus. In the final season, Otis displayed a complete lack of compassion, treating Ruby like an emotional yo-yo. It’s as if he’s playing with her heartstrings at a rock concert.

2. Mama Jean was struggling, and he was horrible to her

Otis treats his own mother, Jean, as if she’s a pesky gnat buzzing around his ear. He dismisses her wisdom, rolls his eyes, and rarely appreciates her. Jean deserves better; Otis missed the lesson on basic human decency.

3. He was a terrible friend to Eric

sex education otis worst character

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Oh, poor Eric. He’s got the patience of a saint when dealing with Otis. Why? Because Otis constantly puts his crushes and whims before their friendship. Remember when he ditched Eric on his birthday to help Maeve? Talk about a friendship fail. Luckily, Eric finally put his foot down, and Otis had to face the music for the first time. Friendship rulebook? Otis definitely needs a crash course.

4. Calls himself a sex therapist but lacks basic empathy

sex education otis worst character

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Otis lacks empathy and fails to support those around him when they’re hurting. He didn’t initially support Maeve’s dream and even blamed his mum for their break-up. Empathy seems to have taken a detour away from Otis’ emotional map.

5. He was too self-absorbed for his own good

Otis accused Sarah ‘O’ Owen of stealing his idea and questioned her asexuality, all for a debate victory. Accusing someone of faking their identity just for a debate win? That’s some next-level cheek. Otis believes in delulu is the solulu. Ugh!

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