Love Island's Tom, Casey and Will

Omg, Love Island’s Casey and Tom spoke about their rift with Will saying he ‘ignored’ them

Tom described Will as ‘no friend of mine’

Love Island’s Tom, Casey and Will from season nine were almost inseparable in the villa, and were known as the three musketeers. But once they were out of the villa it seemed the trio weren’t hanging out at all, and instead, it would just be Casey and Tom together at events. Tom and Casey went on The Nikki and Brie Show to discuss what happened with their friendship with Will, and why they fell out.


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A lot has happened since the show ended

One of the hosts told the boys how she originally wanted to interview “the three musketeers,” but that it seemed like “one is missing a lot.” Love Island’s Tom and Casey explained how “a lot has happened since the show” but they were “happy to go there,” and discussed what happened with Will.

Tom and Casey felt they were getting “nothing back” from Will

The duo told hosts Nikki and Brie how “even in the villa, we were so close” and described their trio as “inseparable.” After leaving the villa they explained how they made time for Will and invited him to places, offered to visit him at his farm, and go out for drinks. But both Casey and Tom would “get nothing back” from the farmer. After a while they realised there’s “only so much effort you can make before you think, this guy is making no effort with me.”

Will constantly read and ignored their messages

They both thought this was a “shame” as they all got on so well. Casey and Tom estimated there must have been about five or six times when they messaged Will to do something, but he would “read and ignore every one of my messages.” They explained how they completely understood that Will has a girlfriend, but wanted him to “at least have the decency to get back to us.”

The duo now wonder whether it was even a real friendship

The Love Island stars then said how Will went to a magazine and “did an exclusive saying we excluded him,” when in reality it was the “complete opposite.” After everything that’s happened between the three of them after leaving the villa, it’s made Casey and Tom “look back at it now and wonder if it was a real friendship.” They finished talking about the fallout by concluding that if someone chooses to go to a newspaper and “make stuff up”, then they’re “no friend of mine.”

The Tab has reached out to Will for comment.