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Hi Barbie! All the Russell Group unis ranked by just how many girlies study there

Imperial College London is just the equivalent of Barbie land apparently

One of the best parts about moving to uni is the mates that you make there. Forget meeting the love of your life, (it’s definitely not going to be that rugby boy) it’s all about meeting your girlies.

Ever since the Barbie movie came out, everyone has been absolutely obsessed with the idea of girlhood. But if you’ve ever lived in an all-girls house at uni, you’ll know it really is just girlhood reincarnated. Sharing clothes, holding each other’s hands in the club and getting ready for a night out together, it’s all just immaculate vibes. But which Russell Group is the uni equivalent of Barbie land?

The Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2024 has just come out which ranks 1,904 universities across 108 countries and regions. The rankings are based on teaching, international outlook, industry, research environment and research quality. But what it also tells us is the percentage of female compared to male students at each uni. But in the UK, which of the Russell Group unis have the most female students?

Imperial College London has the fewest at 42 per cent, closely followed by Cambridge with 48 per cent and Oxford at 49 per cent, the only three Russell Groups with more guys than girls.

King’s College London on the other hand is full of the gals. With 63 per cent of all students being female, it’s the girliest Russell Group uni. It’s closely followed by Edinburgh with 62 per cent and Leeds at 59 per cent.

Here are all the Russell Group unis, ranked on just how girly they all are:

Made with Flourish

Imperial College London –  42 per cent

University of Cambridge – 48 per cent

University of Oxford – 49 per cent

University of Warwick – 50 per cent

University of Southampton – 51 per cent

University of Exeter – 53 per cent

University of Sheffield – 53 per cent

Durham University – 54 per cent

University of Liverpool – 54 per cent

University of Nottingham – 54 per cent

Queen Mary University of London –  54 per cent

University of Manchester – 55 per cent

London School of Economics  – 55 per cent

University of York – 56 per cent

University of Bristol – 56 per cent

Queen’s University Belfast – 57 per cent

University of Birmingham – 58 per cent

Cardiff University – 58 per cent

University of Leeds – 59 per cent

University of Glasgow – 59 per cent

University College London  – 59 per cent

University of Edinburgh – 62 per cent

King’s College London – 63 per cent

You can read the Times Higher Education World Rankings in full here

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