Just all the Russell Group unis, officially ranked by how many girlies study there

If you wanted to be surrounded by girl mates, should’ve gone to Edi x

Forget the lectures, the VKs and the societies. For loads of people, the best part of uni is the mates you find and surround yourself with. Maybe you’ll make best mates for life, or maybe you’ll just find someone who’s decent to live with and will always let you borrow their new Asos top.

The Times Higher Education World Uni Rankings have just come out, which rank almost 1,800 universities globally. One of the statistics it reveals is the percentage of female compared to male students at each uni. But in the UK, which of the Russell Group unis have the most female students? The lowest is Imperial, with only 40 per cent girls. Also with more boys than girls is Cambridge, with 47 per cent female students, and Oxford, with 48 per cent.

At the other end of the spectrum, King’s comes out on top, with 63 per cent female students – almost two thirds! In second and third place are Edinburgh and Leeds, with 62 and 60 per cent respectively.

Now here are all the Russell Group unis, ranked from lowest to highest percentage of students who are female:

Imperial – 40 per cent

Cambridge – 47 per cent

Oxford – 48 per cent

Warwick – 50 per cent

Newcastle – 52 per cent

Exeter – 53 per cent

Sheffield – 53 per cent

Southampton – 53 per cent

Durham – 54 per cent

Nottingham – 54 per cent

Liverpool – 55 per cent

LSE – 55 per cent

Manchester – 55 per cent

Queen Mary, London – 55 per cent

Bristol – 56 per cent

York – 56 per cent

Queen’s Belfast – 57 per cent

Birmingham – 58 per cent

Cardiff – 59 per cent

Glasgow – 59 per cent

UCL – 59 per cent

Leeds – 60 per cent

Edinburgh – 62 per cent

King’s – 63 per cent

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