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From beaching to brunching: A look inside MAFS icon Ella’s life outside of the show

She’s a dog person too which says it all

With Married At First Sight UK finally back on our screens, we can all agree that Ella has without a doubt stolen the show so far. We’ve all already been won over by her bubbly personality and hilarious one liners and can agree that she is nothing short of an icon.

She’s funny, she’s kind and clearly has everyone questioning whether they can pull off blue contacts as well as she can. She’s the “it” girl of the new season and needs to be protected at all costs.

But when she’s not cracking jokey one liners or marrying a stranger on TV, what does she get up to? Here’s what we know about Ella’s iconic life outside of the show.

Married at First Sight UK’s Ella is 29 and is from Weston-Super-Mare

married at first sight ella

Ella Morgan Clark is a 29-year-old clinic consultant from North Somerset. Aside from work, she looks to love travelling and spending time with others brunching. She’s already amounted an impressive 13.9k followers on Instagram before we’ve even seen her honeymoon.

She is incredibly close with her family and friends

The 29-year-old has a super close relationship with her family and friends, shown by how much she valued their support during her wedding. Ella previously told The Tab that her mum “didn’t understand” how hard it was to date as a trans person, and that her family worried about who her husband would be and whether she would like him.

But as we saw, Ella’s family are beyond supportive, with Ella describing them as “incredible” for sticking by her throughout her life, including during her transition. Speaking of both her transition and her marriage, she told The Tab: “I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Ella also lives with her nan as her primary caregiver, describing them both as the dynamic duo everyone needs in their life. Not only do they live together, but they’ve got the sweetest relationship together, with Ella saying there’s no one else in the world she’s closer to. Her nan is actually a little bit savage, which is clearly where Ella gets it from.

Ella is always posting pictures out and about with friends and shares her weekly photo dumps on Instagram.

She loves fashion and wants to create her own underwear line

If you couldn’t guess already from her social media, Ella loves to serve and loves to turn heads. She’s posted pictures wearing everything from colourful frocks to daring one pieces, inspiring all of us to take a leaf out of her book and go for the wow factor every now and again.

Ella told The Tab she wants to go into both fashion and trans awareness after the experiment and that she aspires to be “the first trans person to have an underwear line and be a TV presenter”.

She even rocked up to a MAFS press event in a colourful Versace inspired dress, proving that she has taste to match the looks.

She loves dogs and is a proud miniature Dachshund mum

Last year, Ella shared news of her new pup, Ivan, on Instagram. Ivan, full name Ivan Michael (Mike) Clark, is a super cute Dachshund/sausage dog and seems to be just as photogenic as Ella. She said she had wanted a Dachshund for years and was so pleased to finally be able to call herself a dog mum. They make for the perfect Instagram duo.

She’s hilarious, confident and just the right amount of cheeky

Ella has already proved herself to be daring and a little bit cheeky, with her Instagram feed being testament to her confidence and fun-loving nature. Festivals, travelling, and even the odd bout of babysitting – she does it all but makes it look bougie. Who knew a run to Tescos could look so fabulous? Only Ella.

Her personality also shone through at her wedding, despite her being so nervous. She gave everyone at the ceremony a laugh, with her first words to Nathanial at the alter being “Thank god you’re sexy!”. The chemistry between them was electric, but she went one further telling Nathanial “wait until you see me in my bikini”. I don’t think any of us are ready.

Married At First Sight Ella has already cemented herself as the bride icon of the season, with her wedding last night only leaving us idolising her more.

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