Love Island NTAs

A definitive ranking of the best (and worst) dressed Love Islanders at the NTAs

Tasha Ghouri the woman that you are

When I say British Met Gala, you say the National Television Awards red carpets – yep, the NTAs came to slay once again. And let’s be real, the only people I give a shite about seeing on there is to see what the Love Island cast when they’re not clip clopping around the fire pit in bikinis. That and to see how much Jenny and Lee from Gogglebox look happy to be there. The Islanders came out in force for the 2023 NTAs, so here’s all of the Love Island cast ranked from worst to best based on how hard they served.

17. Shaughna Phillips

Love Shaughna, sadly can’t STAND this in any way shape or form. River Island 2012 teas.

16. Lana Jenkins

The shoes… The shoes… Resisting the urge to scream “WHAT ARE THOOOOOSE” because it’s no longer 2016.

15. Molly Marsh

The tassel from a handbag I threw out 18 years ago if it hit the yassify button.

14. Andrew Le Page

Love Island NTAs

Photo by David Fisher/Shutterstock

Love this man with all my heart and soul but those gold bits are causing me trauma.

13. Chloe Burrows

Breaks my heart that I don’t love this because I am a Chloe Burrows stan til the end of time. Her hair looks BEAUTIFUL but it’s giving Ibiza swimsuit with a bit of mesh and feather.

12. Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu

Pains me deep to not have my queen God-Su in the top three but just not obsessed with this. Taylor Swift Fearless era prom dress coded.

11. Farmer Will

Nice to see him out of the wellies, isn’t it! It’s literally just a black tux but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, king.

10. Olivia Attwood

Photo by David Fisher/Shutterstock

Not sure if I’m fully sold on the cut of this dress but LOVE the green and electric blue colour clash with the shoe. The shoe is actually the best bit. Love her hair like this, also. A slay.

9. Zachariah Noble

Not to be too vile but this man makes me want to BARK like a DOG.

8. Maura Higgins

Seen this look got a fair few naysayers online when everyone was voicing off about Love Island NTAs looks, but this is drag baby. The weird construction and logistical confusion of the beads? I’m super into it.

7. Faye Winter

Something effortlessly Kardashian/Jenner coded about this and I really love it. Simple but works great. Nailed it, luv.

6. Davide Sanclimenti

Love Island NTAs

Photo by David Fisher/Shutterstock

Easily the best dressed man. If you’re gonna wear a suit make it fit you like THIS.

5. Siannise Fudge

The Fudge giving us one of her best ever slays in another Kardashian coded look. Love it. Fits her like a dream.

4. Jessie Wynter

It’s giving drag pageant queen slay and I love it. Opulence from the Australian queen.

3. Samie Elishi

For my money one of the most beautiful Islanders of all time, and I’m so here for this editorial fashion moment for the Love Island cast at the NTAs. It’s so cool to me. The up-do hair makes it. Slay.

2. Ella Thomas

I mean, come on. Look at the material. Fresh out of the villa and letting everyone know she is quite simply NOT one to be fucking around with. Ridiculously gorgeous, amazing dress. Reminds me of something Little Mix would wear for a red carpet (complimentary). Unreal.

1. Tasha Ghouri

Love Island NTAs

Photo by David Fisher/Shutterstock

This girly… This fucking girly. Addicted to serving. Allergic to flopping. This is how you do a red carpet, people. This is excellence! She deserves the world. Tasha Ghouri, the WOMAN that you ARE.


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