Taylor Swift eras tour private jets

Omg, Taylor Swift’s private jets have spent over 166 hours in the air during the Eras tour

She’s spent the equivalent of seven days in her jets

August slipped away with Taylor Swift racking up over 166 hours for her Eras tour in her private jets. Taylor has already built a reputation for creating a high carbon footprint after data from last year revealed she produced over 8,293 metric tonnes of CO2 in 2022, which is nearly 1,200 times the average person’s yearly emissions according to the study.

And her Eras tour looks like it will only add to that amount, with Taylor having already spent over 166 hours jetting across the US, the equivalent of seven days spent in her jet.

The singer has two multi-million dollar planes, a Dassault Falcon 7X and a Dassault Falcon 900. The Dassault 900 jet can carry up to 12 passengers and requires a two-person crew. The Dassault 7X has a slightly larger cabin and is able to carry up to 16 passengers at a time. Plenty of room for Taylor and her cats then.

According to the aircraft-tracking website JetSpy, Taylor’s planes have spent over 166 hours flying to and from her concerts since March. So far this year her jets have taken 103 flights this year, 86 of which have taken place since her Eras tour started.

A spokesperson for Taylor explained how the singer has worked to offset her jets’ carbon emissions saying, “Before the tour kicked off in March of 2023, Taylor purchased more than double the carbon credits needed to offset all tour travel.”

Taylor’s average flight time during her tour has been just under two hours, with the shortest flight being just eight minutes long, and the longest being five hours.

Last year, when Taylor was revealed as having produced the highest carbon footprint, she had taken 138 flights in total between January 2022 and August 2022 compared to 103 total flights as of this year.

Taylor has already started touring Mexico, and she’s already made one flight to Nashville after her concert in Mexico City. The tour will also be coming to Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, with Taylor returning to the US for more tour dates in 2024. The distance between the different locations means that in 2024 Taylor could easily exceed her previous high carbon footprint.

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