From breakups to makeups, the timeline of Stormzy and Maya Jama’s adorable relationship

The pair have been spotted holding hands in Greece

Our prayers have been answered! Stormzy and Maya Jama have finally got back together, four years after their split in 2019. The rumours of their relationship began after Jama was seen attending All Points East festival last weekend at Victoria Park in London, where Stormzy was the headline act, and were seen chatting to each other at the festival.

Later in the week, both Maya and Stormzy shared individual videos and photos of themselves on holiday, but fans believed them to be in the same location and secretly holidaying together. Finally, we got confirmation the two are an item again with Maya and Stormzy seen holding hands together in Greece.

From Vogue awards, a broken engagement and breakup songs, let’s break down the complete relationship timeline of Stormzy and Maya Jama!

2014: The two meet at a Red Bull event

It all began back in 2014 when Maya and Stormzy met at a Red Bull Culture Clash event when she was just 20 and he was 21. In a joint interview with US Vogue, Jama admitted she “fancied” Stormzy immediately, but said that they became friends before they started dating. If Maya Jama can do friends to something more there’s hope for all of us, time to feed into our delusions!

2016-2017: Stormzy is ready to propose to Maya

As Stormzy’s rap career took off he wrote several songs about Maya including Birthday Girl and Big For Your Boots. Maya described the song as “the nicest present you can get from someone because it lasts forever.” Boyfriends listen up, the bar has now been reset. M

Later that year Stormzy hinted that he was ready to pop the question, saying “I’m still so young but I want to propose, it’s going to happen and I will do it right. She is so sick, she is the best.” Brb going to go have a cry now.

Maya had joked about getting married to Stormzy but also had expressed her frustration at being known simply as his girlfriend. She said “I don’t think either of us knew it was going to be such a big thing. We’re young and in love and we’re going to go for it and work really hard. We’re just together.”

2018: Maya and Stormzy crowned London’s coolest couple by Vogue

Maya Jama and Stormzy early on in their relationship timeline

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As if the two couldn’t get any cooler they were crowned London’s coolest couple by Vogue who, in a joint interview, described them as a “supremely cool pair.”

2019: Maya and Stormzy break up

Here’s where the relationship timeline of Stormzy and Maya Jama goes rogue. The power couple broke up in 2019 after rumours that Stormzy had cheated on Maya with fellow singer Jorja Smith, and whilst he was quick to shut them down he would later speak about the mistakes he made in their relationship.

Jama unfollowed Stormzy on social media and deleted all photographs of them together from her Instagram. Again, if Maya can do it we all can.

That year, Stormzy released his album Heavy is the Head, including a song titled Lessons, which fans believe alluded to the end of his and Maya’s romance. In the song, he raps about “the greatest love I ever knew” and said, “I done the dirt and then I figured that you’ll dig it out/ But that’s a coward move, I guess you got me figured out/ I know you’ll never listen now.”

2020: Stormzy opens up about his heartbreak

Despite having split up from the model, Stormzy said in 2020 that he still loved her “wholeheartedly.”

Speaking to radio host Charlamagne, he said, “I’ve never loved anyone how I’ve loved her… I would love to be the man who she needs, I would love to do all the things that make this work. I want to marry her, I want to have her children.”

Basically, he was down real bad.

2021: Maya dates and gets engaged to Ben Simmons

Maya Jama and Ben Simmons at Wimbledon after she had broken up with Stormzy

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Maya then began dating NBA star Ben Simmons in spring 2021. They confirmed their relationship in July of that year when they were seen kissing at the Wimbledon Tennis Championship. Ben then proposed to Maya in December 2021, less than one year into going out, with a huge diamond ring reportedly worth £800,000.

It was then speculated that they called off their engagement the following year, in 2022, due to their hectic work schedules. In January 2023, Maya confirmed the engagement and relationship was over saying, “I’m really, really single right now. Newly single. It’s only been a month… but it’s nice.”

2022: Stormzy is still talking about Maya in interviews

Two years on from their split, Stormzy talked about how his breakup with Maya still weighed heavy on his heart, “I’d never experienced a break-up and the feelings that come with a breakup, and I never wanted to ever be in a position again where I felt what I was feeling.” He was definitely still in the eating entire tubs of Ben and Jerry’s stage of relationship grieving.

In a separate interview with Louis Theroux, Stormzy blamed himself for the split saying, “My breakup was probably the biggest catalyst for my growth as a man. It was like, ‘OK, you made a mistake and you lost someone you loved, someone you cared for, someone who is special to you. That’s probably the biggest loss a man can have, isn’t it? Away from someone passing away, that’s the biggest loss you can have.”

2023: Maya and Stormzy spotted holding hands

On Sunday Stormzy and Maya Jama were seen holidaying together in Greece whilst holdings hands, very adorable! Whilst they haven’t officially confirmed their relationship we’re all waiting for the inevitable aesthetic couples post on Insta, the question is whether they’ll go soft or hard launch, and hopefully the relationship timeline of Stormzy and Maya Jama will end on a positive!

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