It’s here! Millie and Liam post their first spon con back together and it’s with McDonald’s

So much for keeping the relationship private then!

Love Island 2021 winners Millie Court and Liam Reardon, who recently got back together, have posted a huge advert with McDonald’s. Yep, they were keeping their relationship private this time around, but somehow this one has slipped through the net!

Right now, the couple are at King’s Cross Station, advertising the return of McDonald’s Monopoly. They’re trying to catch the “peelies” stickers used, in a game to celebrate the return of McDonald’s Monopoly next Wednesday.

Millie and Liam with McDonald's

via McDonald’s

It’s their first official outing as a couple, despite saying they were planning to keep their relationship private since getting back together. It’s a wonder what the offering of a deal can do!

Liam was quoted saying: “The prizes McDonald’s is giving away are insane…someone could even win a holiday!”

Millie and Liam with McDonald's

via McDonald’s

Posting on her Instagram story, Millie added a video of her and Liam there. Liam said: “Hi guys we’re here with McDonald’s down at King’s Cross Station where they’re giving you guys the opportunity to win hundreds of prizes.” Millie added: “Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the dome, we’ll be back Friday 1st September in Birmingham 11am til 4pm.”

There’s then a video of them laughing in some merch and drinking McDonald’s drinks. Fair play guys, you secure that bag.

via Instagram

Liam first posted a photo of them together a couple of weeks ago, proving all the rumours they’d rekindled to be true. In a carousel of pictures from a day out in east London, Liam dropped a vintage pic of himself and Millie sat next to each other and smiling.

In an interview, Liam previously said: “Me and Millie, we’re doing well. We’re taking things slow and kind of keeping it between us as much as possible. And just taking it day by day – we’re enjoying it. I live on my own, she lives on her own and we’re seeing each other throughout the week and it’s going nice. We’re not putting too much pressure on it.

“We just feel like before it was a case of me, her and everybody else in the relationship and, you know, it’s between me and Millie and that’s kind of it. Like I said, baby steps, but I’m enjoying the process.”

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