Addison Rae lost music

Here’s why your entire timeline has gone feral over Addison Rae releasing her lost album


There is a strange mythos to Addison Rae. Her meteoric rise to fame on TikTok via simple little dance routines was obviously eye rolled at, but she laughed her way to the bank. Since TikTok, Addison Rae has turned her hand at other talents – as most celebs do. She’s been an actress, notably in Netflix’s He’s All That. She’s been a pop star, of course – her solitary 2021 debut single Obsessed has racked up 50 million streams and got its debut on Fallon. More music circulated and leaks made waves on pop scenes, but nothing came. Until now – Addison Rae is finally releasing lost music on Friday, and here’s why your timeline can’t stop talking about it.

‘I’m obsessed with me-e-e-e’

Naturally, when anyone best known for doing little routines a well trained chimp could imitate throws their hat into the legitimate pop ring, people tend to be cynical. And you know what? There’s an unironic, uncamp part of my music taste that gets why. If you listen to Obsessed by Addison Rae you’d be forgiven for thinking it was produced by AI. The best description of Obsessed is kind of like when a Netflix show about a pop star tries to make an ironic little bop for the character to sing but then everyone on Twitter loves it. Like Ashley O’s On A Roll, or Jocelyn’s recent pop triumph World Class Sinner / I’m A Freak.

Except Addison Rae isn’t really a character, she just loves the most vacuous forms of pop music. She’s a Paris Hilton type figure, and because of that her music that would get sniffed at by the likes of Pitchfork has taken on a camp life of its own on Gay Twitter. With all the leaks of her lost album taken down, new Addison Rae music has been teased all week by the TikTok star, backed by Charli XCX who’s always had a love for stars like Rae and has now officially bagged a feature on 2 Die 4.

“My neck, 2 die 4. My legs, 2 die 4. This Ah Ah sex, 2 die 4.” This is the level of lyrical excellence we’re dealing with.

Now with Atlantic Records officially releasing what looks like from leaks a five track EP of lost Addison Rae music from the album that never materialised, of course the gays on your timeline are bellowing that Addison is here to save pop music.

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