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‘I love the way it feels to be a hater’: Meet the creators of the viral Haters Anthem TikTok sound

Plot twist: They’re really wholesome

Chances are, if you’re TikTok obsessed and love nothing more than to have a sly gossip with your mates, you’ll have come across the Haters Anthem TikTok sound. The sound has gone viral, amassing 2.5 million views, as well as an additional 32,800 videos from other TikTokers using the sound. What’s more, the catchy tune is now being used in videos with people sharing opinions on celebrities or daily experiences and why they hate on them.

From hating on influencers to working in customer service, everyone is using the sound to share their biggest pet peeves. And to be honest, I’m here for it. Nothing fuels me with greater pleasure than to sit back, relax, and have a good moan to my friends about anything and everything. Yes, to my core, I am a hater through and through. I have never related to a TikTok trend more and that’s what makes this viral sound so powerful because, let’s be for real, we all LOVE a bit of complaining. Here’s everything you need to know about the viral Haters Anthem TikTok sound and Infinity Song, the creators behind it:

So, where did the Haters Anthem TikTok sound come from?


she got enough on her plate she dont need to b hating😭 #viral #foryou #lizzo #foryoupage

♬ Haters Anthem – Infinity Song


Haters Anthem is actually a real song by a band called Infinity Song. The viral sound is a 51 second teaser of the full song, set to be released by the band. But the main question we ALL keep asking is: When will Haters Anthem be released? The answer is underwhelming to anyone else with the tune repeating in their head. I simply NEED more lyrics so I can stop “I love the way it feels to be a hater” sending me delulu.

Infinity Song have posted to their Instagram to say they’d been working on the tune for a while. They said: “We’ve been working on Haters Anthem for quite some time and we can’t wait to put it out. But we’re hoping to have everything perfectly squared away before officially announcing the date. Thank you all for continuing to use the sound and for the support!!”. Fingers crossed it’s soon.

Infinity Song are all siblings


pov: your life is a sitcom and THIS is the theme song 📺🎙😤

♬ Haters Anthem – Infinity Song

Infinity Song is a soft-rock band, formed in New York City in 2014. The best part? They’re all siblings. Initially, the group started with only Abraham, Angel, and Victory Boyd, but now includes younger siblings, Israel and Thalia. But after a deep dive of their Instagram and some serious stalking, it seems that Victory left the group after Christmas 2021 to pursue a solo career – such a girlboss moment.

As if their dynamic couldn’t get any cuter, their parents were also musicians and so the siblings have always been in a musical environment. This is clearly evident in their range of talents, as the siblings are not only singers, but also songwriters, instrumentalists, arrangers, and music producers, according to their music label, Roc Nation Records. Quite the combination.

The band performed in subway stations


The RocNation Brunch🤯🤯🤯

♬ Agape – Nicholas Britell

The group started from humble beginnings, performing at pop-ups in Central Park, to NYC subway stations – we respect the commitment to the grind. But their performances don’t stop there. As well as the Haters Anthem TikTok sound going viral, Infinity Song have also toured the US as well as featured on famous US television programmes, such as ABC’s The View and NBC’s The Today Show.

They have a debut album

Back in 2015, they released their first EP, Infinity’s Song, and in 2016 they were signed to Roc Nation Records by Jay Z. But Jay Z isn’t the only celebrity to collaborate with the group, as they have also worked with the likes of Kanye West, Jon Batiste, and Tori Kelly. Their debut album, Mad Love, was released in 2020, followed by a deluxe version in 2021. The album’s titular song, Mad Love, has had over 1.4 million listens on Spotify – a big slay. So, stay tuned for the long-awaited release of Haters Anthem – I for one will be refreshing my socials constantly.

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