A rundown of Islanders who applied for other reality shows, but ended up on Love Island

Mitch was meant to be on Married at First Sight loool

It turns out things could have been very different in a lot of series of Love Island, as some of the most iconic cast members very very nearly ended up in the cast of other reality TV shows. Yep, some of the biggest stars from the villa over the years were close to going on completely different shows, but for one reason or another the stars aligned at we were blessed with their drama as Islanders.

From First Dates to Married at First Sight, a number of Islanders have been approached by or applied for different shows, but just somehow casually ended up on Love Island.

Here is a rundown of all the Love Island cast members who very nearly ended up on other reality TV shows instead.

Niall Aslam, 2018

Love Island cast members who applied for other reality TV shows

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Niall, who was in the original 2018 cast but left the villa, has said he actually applied to be on First Dates and not Love Island. “How I originally got on Love Island was I applied for First Dates, the Channel 4 show,” he explained in a podcast interview.

“I was on Xbox with my mate and I was like, ‘Let’s apply for this’, get a call back in London and they’re like, ‘We love you, you’re really funny’, this and this. Next thing, they’re like ‘Oh, the date didn’t show’, and then next thing I was like, ‘Cool’, and they were like, ‘Oh, but Love Island, we’ll put you through for that’.

“So I go on these auditions and I thought 100,000s of people were doing this, right, so I was just going on it and talking how I do and these people were laughing at me, well, with me I guess.”

Anton Danyluk, 2019

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Anton was one of the biggest names from Love Island 2019, but he applied to be on ITV2 show Survival of the Fittest. Speaking on The Reality Tea podcast, he said he initially wanted to be on that show instead, which was set to air in early 2018, but “froze” during the interview.

“Me personally speaking, I actually applied for Survival of The Fittest,” he said. “My chat was rubbish to be honest, I didn’t know what I was applying for I just went for it.”

He said he was more prepared for his Love Island interview because of this experience, and added: “I felt I was more prepared and knew what to expect, that’s why I just believe everything happens for a reason.”

Chloe Burrows, 2021

Love Island cast members who applied for other reality TV shows

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When Chloe was announced as part of the 2021 Love Island cast, she revealed she had been scouted for another show prior to Love Island – so it was battle of the reality shows for her!

Chloe applied for Love Island in 2020, but withdrew because of the pandemic. She then said ITV approached her to instead appear on new dating show, Ready To Mingle. She respectfully declined, and got into the next cast of Love Island instead.

Coco Lodge, 2022

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2022 legend Coco Lodge was lined up for the next series of Married at First Sight UK, before ditching the E4 show to join Casa Amor. Speaking on her YouTube channel, Coco said she didn’t at all regret her decision, because she “wasn’t in the right headspace” for a show like MAFS.

“I would still love to do it but I don’t regret not doing it,” she said at the time. “I was not in the headspace to do it. I didn’t choose Love Island over it, I was just not in the right headspace to do Married at First Sight at the time. So I went to Thailand and focused on me, then I came back and got offered Love Island.”

Mitch Taylor, 2023

Love Island cast members who applied for other reality TV shows

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Ok so things could have been SO different, because Messy Mitch has said he was scouted for Married at First Sight, but didn’t reply to them. Speaking in an interview, he said: “Married at First Sight contacted me, I didn’t contact them.” Can you imagine that?! Mitch getting MARRIED on TV?!

There was also a rumour that he was approached to take part on Big Brother, and whilst this isn’t 100 per cent true, Mitch did say he “probs” would enter the house if the opportunity came about. Now this is something I have to see.

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