‘I regret how I was with Molly’: Mitch and Ella share their truths after Love Island 2023

‘I don’t think there’s going to be anything that we can’t conquer’

Last night was the episode before the big Love Island 2023 final, and saw Mitch and Ella B dumped right ahead of the end. After the couples had voted for who they thought were least compatible, it was then down to the public to dump a couple, and Mitch and Ella were told to leave immediately.

They’ve had a bit of a bumpy ride whilst on the show – from drama with whether Mitch wanted Abi or Ella, Mitch calling Ella “fake” and then them suddenly going exclusive. So, how do they feel now it’s all over? Here’s everything Mitch and Ella had to say, following being dumped from Love Island 2o23.

Mitch and Ella B dumped from Love Island 2023

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How do Mitch and Ella feel about leaving Love Island this close to the end?

Despite it being quite savage to leave the day before the final, Mitch admitted he was on “borrowed time” already in the villa. He said leaving “feels good” and added: “I feel like I was on borrowed time, but I loved every minute of it and I’m ready to get back to the real world.”

Ella added that it felt “bittersweet” to leave and said: “My time was pretty short but I feel like I definitely made the most of it. I went on my first date with Mitch and I’m leaving with him so I’m really happy.”

How did Ella B and Mitch really feel about each other in the villa?

Mitch said from the first date he had with Ella, he thought there was a connection there. “It wasn’t until I got back and the way that Abi acted pushed me away – that opened the door for me and Ella B,” he said. “When we had more conversations together I realised we had a connection.”

When asked why he recently doubted his connection with Ella B, Mitch said: “Things were going really well and I thought there should be a bump in the road from past experiences with exes. I questioned it, and normally I would have talked to my friends at home, but when you talk to the people in the villa it gets round very fast and of course turned into a big argument.”

Ella also said she knew they had a good connection from their first date, as they were “bouncing off each other”. She said: “When I came back into the villa and we had two or three more in-depth chats, I knew from the get go it was him.

“He’s got such high energy and honestly makes me belly laugh. I’m quite laid back and he’s like the class clown – he brings out the funny side in me. He talks about his family a lot and family is a massive thing for me. Obviously he goes to gym and has got a good body – he’s really motivated so we definitely align.”

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Mitch regrets some of the things he said to Molly

At the start of the series, Mitch was quite intense with Molly, and he said he regrets how intense he was in one of his speeches to her.

When asked what his biggest regret is, Mitch said: “My speech that I did to Molly during the recoupling – I quoted something about wanting her to be happy but with no one else but me – I regret that as I was half in half out already but I took a big leap. We didn’t have a closed book and I just jumped in with two feet and risked it. I should have just coupled up with someone else and left it.”

What’s next for Mitch and Ella, after Love Island?

Ella said after the show Mitch is moving to London, which means they can be closer together. “I feel like especially after our final date and becoming exclusive, we’ve become really strong,” she said. “Mitch wants to move to London which is ideal for me so he’s going to be close to me. In terms of the outside world, I don’t think there’s going to be anything that we can’t conquer.”

Mitch added: “Obviously I think we get on really well. The real test is on the outside which is what I am looking forward to.”

Who do Mitch and Ella think will win Love Island 2023?

Mitch and Ella B dumped from Love Island 2023

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When asked who they think will win Love Island 2023, Mitch and Ella both agreed on Sammy and Jess. After his dramatic speech leaving the villa where he told Jess he wants her to win, Mitch said: “I definitely think it has the potential to last. I’m a people watcher, and whenever I see them I think they are perfect.”

Ella said Sammy and Jess have “had every test in that villa” and said out of all the couples, “they are the same person.” She said: “I’m definitely rooting for them and I think they’ve got the strongest connection.”

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