The Love Island 2023 cast’s siblings have revealed all the gossip they found out in the villa

They knew what they had to do for us

The siblings of the Love Island 2023 contestants had one job and that was the found out all the gossip about the villa and they did not disappoint. The Meet the Parents episode saw Scott, Whitney and Zach’s sisters all enter the villa and since the episode has aired they have been spilling all the tea they found out from their siblings on the show.

Here’s everything the Love Island 2023 cast’s siblings have said about Islanders since the Meet the Parents episode.

Whitney’s sister, Liz

via ITV

Whitney’s sister spilt all the tea on a TikTok live about all the gossip she found out when visiting her sister. During a TikTok live with Catherine, Whitney revealed that Scott’s sister told her Catherine was his “first type” prior to entering the show as a bombshell.

“I spoke with Scott’s sister and you were actually his first type. You’re literally his type and prior to him going into the villa it was you and Ella he wanted to get to know. That’s what his big sister said,” she revealed.

Zach’s sister, Cheyanne

Zachariah’s sister, Snoochie Shy, revealed to her followers that Zach is unlikely to tell Molly he loves her while on Love Island following a conversation she had with him during the Meet The Parents episode.

During an Instagram Q&A, the radio presenter was asked: “When do you think he will say ‘I love you’ or ask Mol to be his girlfriend?”

“I asked him in the villa if he would drop L bomb and he said he’d want it to be more a private thing,” she responded. “Who knows have to wait and see. We can tell he really likes her though.”

Scott’s sister, Steph

via ITV

While this came from Whitney’s sister, it still stands. Prior to the Meet the Parents episode, Scott’s sister told Whitney that Catherine was “100 per cent” Scott’s type, despite everyone inside the villa doubting him.


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