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Casey says Will ‘distanced himself’ from him and Tom after winter Love Island 2023

‘It would be nice to meet up with him’

The three musketeers were a trio that won the hearts of winter Love Island 2023 viewers earlier this year. Will, Tom and Casey produced a bromance people hadn’t seen since Chris and Kem and Love Island truly felt wholesome again.

While they all seemed very close in the villa, that hasn’t been the case for the group since the show ended. The winter series saw Sanam and Kai win the show, and Tom and Samie and Lana and Ron being crowned the runners up.

Since the show, Casey and Tom have formed a closer bromance and have moved in together in a proper bachelor pad, but a lot of their followers have noticed that Will isn’t in the picture as much. Will has just got back from travelling to the US and Australia with Jessie, and although Casey said the farmer is a “busy boy”, he noted that his co-star had “distanced himself” from him and Tom.

Speaking on’s Goss Island podcast, Casey said: “Me, Tom and Will, you saw it on the TV I was constantly with those boys. We built up such a strong relationship in there. I just assumed we’d keep that strong relationship outside the villa but that really hasn’t been the case.”

“I know obviously me and Tom are still close, we live together now but I feel like Will has distanced himself from us,” he continued.

“That’s not to say he doesn’t like us it’s just that he’s so busy with Jessie. I completely understand, he’s a busy boy but it would be nice to meet up with him and speak some more to him.”

Will has previously spoken about his friendship with Tom and Casey outside of the villa, admitting that he and Jessie are “focusing” on themselves.

“I was pretty close with Tom and Casey in the villa, you know, the three musketeers! But kind of outside me and Jessie are just focusing on ourselves,” Will said on The Useless Hotline Podcast.

Jessie added: “We’ve been out on the farm, it’s really hard, they’re all like ‘come to Manchester’ and it’s like babe we’re so far away! It would take us a day to get there.”

Will has had non-stop opportunities since appearing on winter Love Island, with a book deal and the opportunity to travel across the world with his girlfriend Jessie. The pair have been travelling across Australia and the USA and have been capitalising on their image as a couple.

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