corn kid death hoax

Debunked: Has Corn Kid actually died and where have these rumours come from?

This isn’t the first time people claimed he was killed

A recent rumour circulating on TikTok at the moment is seeing people paying homage to Corn Kid instead of Kyrie Barnes. Seven-year-old Kyrie was tragically killed and his family have confirmed the loss of him.

Rumours arose from a social media post that contained a fake image of a news story claiming the Corn Kid was found dead earlier this month in a shooting. At first glance the copy looked very real and many were convinced he was a victim of gun violence. However it’s not true – Corn Kid is alive and didn’t die.

Here’s everything we know about where the rumours started:

What happened to Kyrie Barnes?

Sadly the story about Tariq was confused with another 7-year-old boy who tragically died after being shot as he was asleep in his own bed. Several screenshots of articles involving this young boy have circulated TikTok and had Corn Kid’s name attached to them.

Danielle Brown, Kyrie’s mother, says she heard around three gunshots while she was lying in bed with her children that Sunday night (July 2), Fox 4 News reports. One of these bullets went through the wall of the family’s second-story apartment and hit Kyrie as he lay in bed.

Kyrie was taken to hospital but succumbed to his injuries days later on July 5, 2023.

No, Kyrie Barnes was not the child who sang the song about corn – that was Tariq.

This isn’t the first time Tariq has faced a death hoax

Just under a year ago, the Corn Kid had to squash rumours claiming he had passed away. In response to the online death hoax, he said: “I’m alive, healthy and happy.”

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