Everything that’s happened to Colleen Ballinger, five weeks into the biggest scandal of her career

Imagine your legal team denying posting your 10 minute apology song to iTunes loool

For the last five weeks Colleen Ballinger has been embroiled in the biggest social media scandal of her career. Back in 2020 Adam McIntyre, an ex-fan of Colleen’s, posted a video calling her out for so many different things. Immediately he was met with backlash from her fan base but since then more people have joined in backing his claims and Colleen is now facing the lasting effects of it. Five weeks ago things massively blew up and Colleen found herself in front of several allegations – a lot has happened. So here’s a full timeline of events involving Colleen Ballinger:

The claims from 2020 resurfaced

Colleen Ballinger is still in the thick of a three year-long online drama and it all really kicked off again about a month ago. She was exposed for allegedly acting inappropriately with fans in the past. One of her fans, Adam McIntyre has claimed he had issues with Colleen supposedly sent him lingerie as a joke and asked inappropriate questions when he was underage. Adam also accused Colleen of sharing too much of her personal life with him surrounding her divorce, as well as cutting him off and gossiping about him after he was given temporary control of the Miranda Sings Twitter account.

Three years ago Colleen Ballinger uploaded a video to her YouTube channel titled “Addressing Things.” In the same video she discussed the video that resurfaced from over 10 years ago that shows the creator mocking Latina stereotypes, making fatphobic comments, and telling a disturbing story about the death of her dog.

In her apology video, the segment about the underage fan starts with her explaining that the reason why she didn’t immediately respond to the allegations was because she had received a message from the fan’s mother asking her to never speak his name again. However, she believes the controversial videos were dug up in response to her silence, so she decided to open up.

Assuming she put it all to bed three years ago, it came up again last month and even stronger than before. The rumours were impossible to can.

Colleen lost over 30,000 subscribers on YouTube

Within the first week of this scandal resurfacing, Colleen Ballinger lost 30,000 subscribers. Now, four weeks on from this, she’s lost a further 80,000. Taking her total to 110,000 for the month. Social Blade has projected at this rate she could lose over 1.3 million subscribers within a year.

Jeffree Star called Colleen Ballinger ‘sick’


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Two weeks into the Colleen Ballinger controversy, Jeffree Star came forward on a TikTok live stream and called her “sick.” He said he doesn’t read online drama anymore and doesn’t know what is going on with her but he has “never met her, never followed her and never gave a damn about her.”

He continued: “I am horrified by the things I have seen. Honestly, I know we’re all joking around and having fun but like, that person is sick. I have never been a fan – so I was very shocked to see all that. That’s my official quote to Rich Lux.”

Colleen went back on tour

Three weeks ago Colleen Ballinger went back on tour and addressed the allegations directly to her live audience. One audience member briefly live streamed the part where Colleen addressed the rumours, she’s heard saying: “It’s been a crazy just kind of few years in general. Life is crazy. There are so many things to say and I’m not going to say those things for now. But I do want to say that I am so appreciative of you guys and I’m very grateful, I know I have already said that – I’m saying it again. Another time in my life when you guys have shown me a lot of love and support was when we were all going through the pandemic together.”

The Toxic Gossip Train was released

Perhaps the biggest day in YouTube history. On 28th June 2023, Colleen Ballinger released Toxic Gossip Train and subsequently lost over 30,000 subscribers in one day. Not a good day in her career, despite how much she thought she was doing by releasing this song.

Trisha Paytas had her say

Right before things blew up again for Colleen Ballinger, Trisha Paytas and her were partners in a podcast. Following the scandal gaining more attraction Trisha Paytas took a while to respond to the claims. She said: “I do not condone at all unsolicited nudes being sent. Sex worker or not, I think using someone’s nudes as a way to hurt them, make fun of them, make light of them or be mean is the lowest form of intelligence. I think that’s so inhumane. I think that’s so disgusting.”

In her video, Trisha also claimed there were multiple times Colleen Ballinger used her private photos for a joke. And when she asked Colleen Ballinger about the controversy, she denied everything and assured her she didn’t share any photos. When Trisha saw Colleen Ballinger’s past actions being shared online by former fans she said her “heart was racing” and she felt sick to her stomach. She said: “That’s probably the worst I’ve seen from someone that I’ve considered a friend. That’s pretty barbaric, that’s pretty misogynistic, and it is downright cruel.”

Colleen Ballinger’s Toxic Gossip Train mysteriously appears on her Apple Music

Colleen Ballinger’s legal reps denied uploading Toxic Gossip Train song to Apple music after it mysteriously appeared on her profile the other day.

Ethan Klein, the H3 podcast host, tweeted that one of his videos that featured clips of Colleen Ballinger’s ukulele video had been copyrighted, and shared screenshots that showed it had been issued “on behalf of Colleen Ballinger.”

However, hours after the claim went viral on social media (with others claiming that the song was also available to purchase on iTunes and Apple Music), Pop Crave tweeted saying Colleen’s legal representatives had told them that it was false and had nothing to do with Colleen. Yikes.

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