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Colleen Ballinger is back touring and she’s addressed the allegations, here’s what she said

‘The last few years have been crazy’

Since 2020, YouTuber Colleen Ballinger has been facing an online drama which has massively intensified over the last three weeks. She was allegedly exposed for acting inappropriately with fans in the past. One of her fans, Adam McIntyre, has claimed he had issues with Colleen previously. For instance, Colleen supposedly sent him lingerie as a joke and asked inappropriate questions when he was underage. Adam also accused Colleen of sharing too much of her personal life with him surrounding her divorce, as well as cutting him off and gossiping about him after he was given temporary control of the Miranda Sings Twitter account.

However, despite Adam making several videos and tweets addressing his side of the drama, Colleen has been radio silent.

Over the weekend her tour continued and she briefly addressed her YouTube scandal to her audience whilst someone streamed it. Here’s everything Colleen said about the drama whilst on tour.

“It’s been a crazy just kind of few years in general. Life is crazy. There are so many things to say and I’m not going to say those things for now. But I do want to say that I am so appreciative of you guys and I’m very grateful, I know I have already said that – I’m saying it again. Another time in my life when you guys have shown me a lot of love and support was when we were all going through the pandemic together.” Then the live cuts off.

A lot of responses on Twitter were calling out Colleen for her wobbling voice and awkward laughter. One person claimed she clearly didn’t feel comfortable on stage discussing it. However despite talking about it to a live audience, Colleen still hasn’t made a comeback online across all platforms and her podcast with Trisha Paytas which was only three weeks old at the time when Colleen’s drama resurfaced on TikTok.

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