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Scott’s brother has called out the Islanders for their treatment of him on Love Island 2023

‘Who does Catherine think she is?’

Scott’s brother, Jamie, has called out the Islanders in the Love Island villa for their treatment of the bombshell. Scott has had a difficult time since Casa Amor and movie night saw even more of Love Island 2023 villa turn on him for a comment he made about Leah, which some viewers think was warranted.

Scott chose to remain single after Casa Amor, while Catherine recoupled with Elom and Scott’s brother was not best pleased with how his little brother was being spoken to.

Jamie took to Twitter to defend Scott and echoed a similar sentiment to a lot of Love Island 2023 viewers. “It’s sh*t seeing your brother treated like that on TV,” he wrote in a tweet, continuing: “Seriously, who does Catherine think she is? Let it go mate, move on ASAP!”

Jamie continued to call out Catherine, saying she couldn’t “flip” the narrative. Responding to a clip of Scott and Catherine talking post recoupling, Jamie wrote: “Wow. Number one? She was being hand fed cherries and kissing Elom within 12 hours of meeting him. Can’t flip this one Catherine.”

Movie night proved to be even more chaotic than Casa Amor, especially when it came to a clip of Catherine. During one of the movie night scenes, Catherine and Elom’s connection was shown which led to Leah saying no one wanted to get to know Scott in Casa Amor, and Scott was having none of it. The bombshell went on to say Leah hadn’t spoken for four weeks and asked why she decided to become the “spokesperson” now. Yikes!

Kady immediately pulled up Scott on his comment, as did Ella. Yet no one said a thing to Leah about her comment to Scott. Scott’s brother was not best pleased either and wrote: “Massive hypocrisy from the girls tonight.”

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