Love Island viewers have spotted an awkward editing error during Casa Amor scenes

My brain hurts!

Keen Love Island viewers have spotted a sneaky editing error in the latest episode of Love Island as they watch on to see how the fallout from Casa Amor will unfold.

Ella is currently in Casa Amor getting to know bombshell Ouzy, who she knew on the outside. While they seem to be getting along, viewers reckon scenes have been edited to make it seem they are a lot closer than they actually are.

Viewers on Reddit have been sharing their thoughts on the editing, pointing out some pretty obvious outfit differences.

During night one, Ella and Ouzy didn’t cuddle and they woke up on the same side they fell asleep on and Ella was in the same clothes the next morning.

via ITV

It is meant to be night two in the scene pictured above and Ella is on the left side of the bed and Ouzy is on the right. The reddit user pointed out that Ella is not wearing a headband in this moment.

In a second scene, which was said to be night two, Ella is cuddling Ouzy with a headband on, a different pair of pyjamas and is on the opposite side of the bed.

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“I think that either the cuddling with Ouzy took place on Casa night three or Ella is photoshopped to appear like she’s cuddling because when you pause the footage, it looks like Ella’s reflection/position is being flipped,” the user wrote.

However, not all viewers were convinced. One viewer noted that the Islanders get up and go to the bathroom before filming and it’s likely Ella took off her headband before getting back into bed.

“It’s not that deep. This will be an episode of Ian Solved on the next unseen bits,” one user wrote, with another adding: “Or she was just cold and he gave her his shirt in the middle of the night, and right before she actually went to bed, she decided to put on a headband.”

“Hate to break it to you, but that is not a photoshopped pictured,” the user continued.

My brain hurts!

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