Molly says Zachariah has given her the ick after *that* failed kiss with Kady on Love Island


Love Island 2023’s Molly Marsh has revealed Zachariah has well and truly given her the ick after his failed attempt at kissing Kady on the terrace.

Zachariah attempted to give Kady a kiss however she pulled back in a truly tragic swerve. This all happened just two days after Molly left the villa, saying she would wait on the outside for Zach but she has since changed her tune.

During the Love Island: The Morning After podcast, Molly told hosts Indiyah Polack and Sam Thompson how she really felt about Zach now.

“I thought there was something very special there and maybe there still is,” she began. “But to see him leaning in for a kiss with someone, two nights after me being gone. It has given me the ick.”

Molly Zachariah Kady

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Talking about Kady’s epic rejection, Molly questioned if it’ll only make Zach “want her more”. “I think he is going to like that,” Molly claimed.

When asked by Sam Thompson again if Zach’s action has given Molly the ick, the former Islander doubled down. “It does give me the ick,” she explained. “Why so soon? Fair enough if you’re getting to know each other and it’s getting flirty. Hand on the knee? Okay fair enough whatever. But going in for a kiss? He wanted it, he clearly wanted it.”

Molly said Zach’s attempted kiss with Kady has made her question if her connection with him was “as strong” as she thought it was. She said: “I thought there was something there where if he wanted to get to know her it might take a few days and see where it goes. But it’s got a lot quicker. And it’s like, have I really disappeared that quickly from your mind?”

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